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To start things off, the best and funniest order I have seen on a chart, was in the discharge instructions for a trauma patient. It read simply Darwin Consult and was signed by the... Read More

  1. by   nursebonkers
    Doctor-- "M.O.M. 30cc po STAT" (like he would die without it )
    Registrar Diagnosis of "SINKAPEE" (syncope)
    Another Doctor - "Do not take patients blood pressure". (this was a post op patient?? )
    Nurse spelling - "Pain over hole body" , "tolerated crapple juice"
  2. by   DutchgirlRN
    May ambulate on legs prn!
  3. by   SweetnurseS
    I work in a small rural hospital and my own physician happened to be on this weekend. When she saw one of my patients and wrote this order "humidified oxygen to liberate sputum" the respiratory therapist and I couldn't help but laugh! We asked her about it while laughing and she realized how it sounded from our perspective. She turned around and said to me with a big smile on her face...just wait til you have to come see me. I'll get even! Lol. Of course she was just joking. She changed the order then to read just humidified oxygen prn. Lol.
  4. by   elnski
    Quote from angel Ann
    I wonder what you would have done if your patient had an arrest before that doctor came to revise that funny documentation

    tutuo ba yan mate? sino ba yun ei?
    course he cant die on my shift!!

    m pretty good at assessing, mate...
  5. by   Antikigirl
    I had a patient come back from the docs office to our Assisted living facility. He gave us his doctors notes and off he went for lunch.

    No medicine changes, patient fine, NPO, follow up in......what??? NPO???

    I rushed to him and saw that he was done with his meal and went OH OH! SO I called the doctor to ask why the patient was on NPO!

    The doc swore that he didn't write NPO...and I reminded him that his handwritting was clear (and thanked him), and he most certainly wrote NPO! He argued with I sent the order via fax to him as he was yelling at me! Sure enough...silence.....

    "Ohhhhhh I meant DNR"...he said and hung up...

    Oh okay..NPO DNR..oh sureeeee get those confused all the time! LOL!!!!!!! I worry what other little ones he gets confused???

    To razz him I sent a fax with a Telephone order for clarification, and made another appointment for the patient to discuss a POLST with his very overly anxious family in tow!!!!...can't use a DNR from a med order sheet legally ya know!...LOL!!!!!!!! (grumbles..tell me what I see or don't see will ya!?!?!). He hasn't questioned me again!
  6. by   juls02
    Quote from Furball
    about the dumbest order I ever got was one asking for a u/a on an anuric pt! uh-DUH!!!


    i have seen this ordered so many times on the same type of patient!! sometimes i wonder if they are really thinking!
  7. by   angel Ann
    rectal suppositories p.o. PRN
  8. by   Desert Rat
    Frequent flier druggie...OD'd and on vent...was waking up, violent. Called doc but he wouldn't extubate and wouldn't order anything to calm pt because "It might depress his respirations" I asked if I could write an order for pillow therapy, and he approved that. Was tempted, but didn't write the order.
  9. by   malenurse1
    While reviewing the transcription of the MD's orders for a patients IV fluids it read, "IV fliud - Lactated Fingers". How do ya get them through the IV tubing?!
    I had a patient who had undergone a previous brain surgery and a large section of the skull had not been replaced. Consequently she had a large dent in her head. While reading the H&P for this admission (unrelated to the head issue) I saw that her doctor had said that she was "normocephalic". I really want to get a look at her MD's head to see if he has a dent that he considers normal!
  10. by   tiroka03
  11. by   Pattiecake
    Double bag lunch QHS. (never asked though if the bags should be doubled or the lunches?)
  12. by   webblarsk
    Feed and water and put in the sun to grow................. No Joke this doctor is such a smart a**.
  13. by   gauge14iv
    For a 500 lb Plus patient that took 11 people just to turn her -

    "Weigh Daily"

    Very well - but we had no scale that went over 450 lbs, the patient couldnt stand and had to be tarped by the fire department whenever we had to move her anywhere.


    Yeah ...about that order Doc...Good luck with that"