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I once destroyed a patient room within five minutes of starting my shift. It was fortunate that the two ladies who occupied the semi-private room were AA & O and had a sense of humor. You have to... Read More

  1. by   silverbat
    One day at the desk, I was sitting in a rolling chair, on a mat, and decided to "just roll" over to the chart rack to get a chart, instead of getting up and walking. Well, the chair and I started rolling towards the chart rack, one of the chair wheels hit a crack in the tile and the the chair stopped dead. Of course, once a body is in motion, it stays in motion. I went flying off the chair seat, landed in the floor and I laughed so hard I coudn't get up. The other nurse, was all, "OH MY GOSH"" are you ok?", and I could only laugh. I did get up, was unhurt, except for my pride. LOL. graceful, I am NOT
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    I've done that more than once myself, much to my embarrassment (and a VERY sore tailbone). And don't you just love the "Croc Stop"---you know, where you're zipping along and one clog suddenly decides it's not going to move one millimeter further, while the rest of you continues in the original direction at the original velocity?
  3. by   Laughtermed
    Back when I was a CNA I had just started a job with a staffing agency. Until this point I had worked with the elderly but now I was being staffed at the local hospital. I was placed for the first time in the post partum unit. I had helped a new mother to the bathroom. There was a cord hanging by the toilet and, from my experiences with the elderly, instructed her to pull it when she was finished. Not five minutes later my beeper, and everybody else's, went off. The nurses are running to my patient's room screaming "hemorrhage!". We all (3 nurses and 2 CNAs) run to the bathroom door and throw it open. The patient looks at all of us with a shocked expression and says "I'm done". Who knew the pull cords would have such different purposes.
  4. by   wooh
    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    I've done that more than once myself, much to my embarrassment (and a VERY sore tailbone). And don't you just love the "Croc Stop"---you know, where you're zipping along and one clog suddenly decides it's not going to move one millimeter further, while the rest of you continues in the original direction at the original velocity?
    I did that a couple weeks ago. Landed with my arms out in front of me. In front of the nurses station. I looked like I'd decided to slide into home.
  5. by   GiantJerk
    When I was a brand new nurse, just off orientation (not that long ago), I had a patient who was a really difficult stick. I tried to draw her blood several times, another nurse tried to no avail. Finally someone was able to get just barely enough blood drawn up in a syringe to fill the tubes. I took it from her, filled the tubes, and promptly dropped them into the sharps container. The room fell silent and everyone was staring at me like I was the village idiot. I was horrified. Needless to say, I learned my lesson and never get close to the sharps container with a patient's blood in my hands anymore.
  6. by   LPNnowRN
    OMG--pop came out of my nose on some of these!!

    OK, in to give meds to patient, scan bracelet, try to open little pill blister pack and flip it under the roommates bed!! I'm on my stomach crawling under the bed to find and retrieve it, apologise with a red face and tell them I'll be back with a new pill. At least it was metoprolol and not some outrageously expensive med...but I still had to explain to my charge why I needed a new one out of Pyxis...when I got to the crawling under the bed part that's when she lost it!
  7. by   DixieRedHead
    Psych clinicals. I had no aspirations to do anything with a psych patient except get through this and forget it. Still here we are. My patient was hallucinating. We stood in front of a one way mirrored, locked door. He was batting at a "little fellow" who was apparently bothering him, although he was the only one who could see him.

    In my feeble attempt to do what I thought was therapeutic communication or reality orientation (I said, I'm not great with this population) I said, "See there is no one there except you and me." And pointed to the mirrored door. He said, "Yeah, I see you, and I see me, but don't you see him?" Uh no.

    At which point someone unlocked the door and my patient ran through. Security caught him, but oh I was so mortified.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    HAHAHAHA!!! Reminds me of the time during my last Med/Surg job, when I had an elderly female patient who was actually quite alert, oriented, and charming. She wore an adorable bed jacket and sat up knitting most of the day.....except she kept insisting there were mice in the corner of the room and could I please get rid of them?

    There were, of course, no mice. In fact, there was NOTHING in that corner, not even dust kitties. But she kept perseverating on those mice until I decided to take matters into my own hands and grabbed a broom from the housekeeping closet. By this time the patient was standing up on the bed, shrieking "Nurse, nurse, there's more of them! They're in that corner, oh, please kill them before they bite my toes!!" So I proceeded to 'enter her reality' and began whaling away at the invisible vermin with the broom, unfortunately smashing an overbed light and knocking over a trashcan in the process. The look on my nurse-manager's face as she ran into the room and surveyed the hysterical woman running in place on the bed......and me, red-faced and still armed & dangerous......was priceless.

    Oh, and I must've gotten all the mice, because the patient calmed right down, thanked me, and went back to her knitting.
  9. by   babyIT
    new ob nurse, back in the old days when patients did not routinely get iv starts when in labor. old-fashioned doctor would request pitocin iv push at delivery of baby’s head and you had to make sure you had a tourniquet, good vein, etoh wipe, and pitocin drawn up and ready to go. i had just gotten my rn a few weeks earlier and was very proud of my ability to quickly and accurately perform this task. delivery occurs, doctor orders his pit ivp, i successfully give it in her antecubital, at which point the doc leans around the surgical drape, looks at me like i’m insane and asks, “why didn’t you just give it in her iv tubing?” yep, this patient actually had an iv in place. which i had started and had been maintaining all evening. in the same arm where i stuck her antecubital.
    fast forward many years later, this now seasoned ob nurse is standing in the hall at the nurse server, drawing up some nubain to give for pain. i had pulled the cap off the syringe with my teeth ( i know, i know….) and was getting ready to insert the needle into the vial of med when two of my coworkers walked by and said hello. distracted, i then proceeded to “take the cap off the syringe” again, in the process jamming the needle directly into my lip. i still remember the look on my friends’ faces when they saw me do that!
  10. by   silverbat
    I had a resident in a Nursing home, sweet little thing. At 7:30 PM every night she would scream FIRE. Well in a NH, this is not something you want to hear, at all. So, of course, I, a new CNA, go running down the hall into her room, checking carefully for smoke, fire, etc. I see nothing except this sweet thing pointing to the floor beside the dresser, with terror on her face, screaming fire.
    I, in my innocence, said, "Oh, that's the 730 fire. It is supposed to be there." She said, "Really?" I said,."yep". She immediately calmed down and that was it. the next night, at 730, the same thing happened. I ran in and she she said, oh yeah, its the 730 fire and it is ok. I agreed, made sure she was fine and left the room. This only happened a couple more nights. Then she quit hollering. I don't know if she she still saw the fire, but if so, she thought it was the 730 fire and it was ok. Not sure if that was the correct thing to do, but it seemed to make her feel better. LOL guess I had better hoped there never was a fire in her room that started at 730!!!!
  11. by   nurse-ellie
  12. by   Skylar86
    first year nursing student... extremely nervous as it was my first day on clinical.. first time alone with a doctor and a patient (i was to just observe and get V/S once he finished his assessment) i felt like i should be doing something so as he was asking her questions I proceeded to get a blood pressure... he then lifts his hand high in the air so my fist reaction was to give him a HIGH FIVE. Little did i know that he was actually telling me to STOP... not telling me I had done a good job (perhaps i was distracting him?). awkward doesnt even cover it... he didnt have much of a sense of humor either so he just looked at me with a strange look on his face..
  13. by   cbjna39
    i have had the worst past few weeks i have made so many mistakes im wondering if nursing is the right profession for me, i have only been a nurse for a year but you think by now i would be getting the swing of things, i havent harmed anybody but, i am so scatered brained lately, i feel so depressed im going to seek treatment, i worry the phone is going to ring even on my days off about something i have done or missed, im just a nervous reck anytime i enter the building , i love my job but just dont understand how nurses that have as little experience as i do are right on top of there game and im not i have no self confidence and doubt myself terribly, i can have good days but everytime i think im getting it i screw something up , like i said just stupid mistakes but i feel like my head is on the chopping block just cant live this way dont know what to do but pray and ask god to intercede for me