Caught off guard but had to laugh

  1. Three years ago I had a hysterectomy (age 32, d/t endo.). For some reason they put me on the OB ward. When I was being transferred to my bed, a nurse asked me if I was the one who "just gave birth to the 10 pound baby in the nursery". For a moment I was speachless, then replied, "I probably just lost 10 pounds, but it wasn't in the form of a baby". The nurse that was assigned me looked at this gal and told her "She just had a HYSTERECTOMY". Needless to say, I did not see that nurse the rest of my stay". Before I left the hospital, I told my hubby I had to go to the nursery and see this 10 pound baby I had

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  3. by   PennyLane
    Ouch! That's gotta hurt!
  4. by   KolkataMomRN
    Luckly for that nurse I have a good sense of humor and they hyst. was optional...... But still was a little shocked the chick didn't check the facts first!!!
  5. by   essarge
    LOL! Had to laugh when I read that! Reminded me of when I had my hysterectomy at age 42.

    After the surgery, I was walking down near the nursery to take a peek at the newborns. There was a new father there and we talked about his beautiful new baby. After a few minutes he asked me what I'd had. With a big smile I stated "I just had a nine pound uterus!" He looked at me like I belonged on the psych floor......I thought it was funny!! LOL!
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    ROFLMAO!!! I'm having mine next week (the nine-pound uterus, not the ten-pound baby---I did THAT almost 12 years ago). Hope my nurses are a little more on the ball than that one was!:roll :roll :roll
  7. by   J-RN student
    :chuckle :chuckle