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I truly thought I could make really ggod money in nursing... I still have not figured out how.. I am now looking at graduate programs.. any ideas on a lucrative field???... Read More

  1. by   CashewLPN
    I hate to say it, but, 45K is NOT a great salary... matter of fact... It'd be damned hard to afford a car and an apartment with high rents and car payments at the same time...
    (mind you, where I live, a mortgage can be slightly cheaper than a rent... but, rents are upwards of 1100-/month, in the GHETTO in a 1 bedroom apt... BEFORE UTILITYS)

    Anyway... like I should complain... I barely make 30g's a year
    Wonder why I still live with t he 'rents

  2. by   PhantomRN
    We all know the money you make only can be compared if we look at the area of the country one lives in. I am very sure to some 45,000 a year is excellent money.
    I personally want to make 6 figures a year, I just picked the wrong field to do it in---nursing.
  3. by   premedwoahs
    Quote from Navy Nurse
    Depends on how much you want to work. My wife (also a RN) and I made $165,000 dollars last year in nursing.

  4. by   MedChica
    My aunts do well with nursing. I only have info on two, though:
    1. One aunt (LVN) makes $19 p/t at a nursing home. She's 73 and set to retire in a year. She lives well.
    2. Her sister (mental health, RN) bought a two-story, 4 bed/2 1/2 bth home in Sugarland(houston), Texas three or four years ago. Not sure how much she makes but it's more than $30/hr.
    She came OFF retirement because the market gobbled up her 401K. But she's been a nurse for decades. She's, like...71 years old. Don't worry. I have several aunts and cousins who are 70+ years old and STILL working. Women in my family live long lives. They aren't feeble.

    Overall, it isn't about how much you make...but, rather, how much you keep. You can earn half mil a year and STILL live 'paycheck to paycheck'. Some folks can't control their consumption. They have poor money management skills.
    Trust me.
    I used to be a loan officer (pre mtg collapse). I could tell ya'll some stories...

    Anyway, I'm childless, for now. I 'buy' my cars --because 'new' and 'shiny' is no longer a good enough incentive to pay a $350-500/mth car note. *laugh* It just isn't. It's weird. I'm 29. I'm not cheap. I like things. Yet, the older I get, the more conservative/practical I become. I suppose that's a good thing.
    The starting wage for new grades in my area of Texas is between $21 -26. This is fine for me. However, when I gain experience (and degrees)?
    Well...expectations will change. *laugh*