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I truly thought I could make really ggod money in nursing... I still have not figured out how.. I am now looking at graduate programs.. any ideas on a lucrative field???


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Bonnie, it depends on your definition of lucrative. I make over $47,000/yr as a BSN, working as a Nurse Health Educator and I anticipate that my salary will increase after I complete my MSN-FNP program and hang a shingle. In addition to a nice salary, I also have incredible hours (for a nurse) M-F 7:30a-4:30 with lunch every day (another bonus from a prior floor nurse perspective), holidays, weekends, and NO CALL... smile.gif

So, by my definition, nursing has been very lucrative, and wonderful, to me...


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Are you trying to be funny? Nursing and lucrative are 2 words that just don't belong together. Like oil and water, fire and ice, hot and cold.

I guess it's all in what your perception of "lucrative" is. NorthernRN apparently feels that $47k is lucrative. I don't feel that 47k is really lucrative, rather average. I have been a nurse for 10 years and I have friends who make as much or more doing less. To me 47k might be lucrative if I was single and 18 years old, but 47k after taxes just doesn't do much for me...

As far as ideas on a lucrative field- pick one where the majority of the workforce is predominantly male- Computers, Business, Insurance, etc. Or better yet, go to school and be a doctor- you can do a fraction of the work that nurses do and get paid 3 times as much!


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Can nursing be lucrative- well, maybe if you get hired to play a nurse on a TV soap opera... smile.gif


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I am afraid that I am not the TV type... but 47K sounds good to me even after taxes (with 2 kids and a mortgage)! Among others, respect for one, lucrative is not a word associated with our profession.


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Lucrative, eh? Considering the hours (all shifts, holidays, weekends), the physical labor and the mental exhaustion, somehow I don't find the $35,000/year I earn as an ICU nurse lucrative. I'm strongly considering going back to school for Health Information Sciences (I know my hubby makes a lot more than I do working with computers--and many of his clients are health care providers).

I'm also in Pittsburgh, NurseDude...not the best place for a nurse to make a living...(I work at one of the hospitals that was raped by the Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation and left swinging on the rope).


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How funny.. it was an honest mistake that I put this response into the joke forum.. but oh so appropriate. Honestly, I love nursing. The theory is great, you get to work with cool stuff (wound care oooo), and let's face it... if you want a flexible schedule you can find it out there.... right???

But truly, I would we happier making more then the $ 30,000 I make working 32 hours a week in home care (as an RN). I continue to look around at other options that would be flexible, but heh.. I would just like to make a lot more money! All ideas are appreciate. Thank for all the input!!!


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Thought tuning into nursing humor would brighten my day and it did. 47K is pretty good if the cost of living is low. However, I think with a BSN, you could do better in other parts of the country.

My 20 y/o son makes $18.00 hour fixing cars. Sad, hunh!!


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Well, I turned to this site for a good Haha, but I'm afraid I agree with Nursedude! Hollymolley -- 47K is not my idea of a "lucrative" salary either, I too work day hours and educate other nurses making close to 45K! Want to DOUBLE my figures--I want to know what can I do so I don't have to work 2 jobs and still eek out a meager living and live in a tiny house with a huge mortage! I'd like to take a "real" vacation and have a "real" savings account--with money in it for my kids when I die!

When you guys find out what that job is, lemme know too!! But I'm afraid a CASINO job here on the coast is what I'll be told would work--and I'm not qualified (or let's say I'm too qualified with education and under qualified in the swimsuit category) wink.gif


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Yes nursing can be lucrative. You are a degreed healthcare professional with experience. That can open many doors as long as you do not limit yourself. if you expect to stay in the hospital with other people telling you how much you are worth, then no you will not make much money because you don't expect much from yourself. You whine about the nursing shortage instead of marketing yourself as independent contractor who works with the hospital to solve the probem. You complain about lack of supplies instead of working for the pharm. and equipment company who provide the items and will pay you well for your first hand knowledge of there product. Use your imagination coupled with your skills and you can be lucarative with your nursing degree.


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Well, isn't it appropriate to have this discussion under this title.



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I have found that nursing can indeed be if not lucrative, at least comfortable. I make over $75k as a nurse consultant for a workers comp insurance company. Admittedly, I work in San Francisco, where salaries tend to be higher due to the higher cost of living, but I still find my compensation quite adequate.

My advice is to get out of the hospital environment all together and move into the corporate world where salaries (and bonuses) tend to be better, and include weekends and holidays off.


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