April fools got me!

  1. So my silly caregivers chose to do a prank on me..it was hillarious!

    I get nurse notification slips when I need to see patients (I work in assisted living). Well, I had just checked my in box and it was empty...too bad they didn't know I had, kinda blew the joke really...but oh well...I played along!

    What they did was ask the administrator if it was okay to put some unsusual nurse notification slips in and she said sure!

    I got slips for women with 'penile erection dysfunction", a very demanding patient had "anal retention r/t cranial rectal inversion", a male patient with "menses", a 104 year old with "possible pregnancy"..and so on. Then there was one that had my administrators name on it with the dx "Power Tripping hard core!". LOL!

    I grabbed all these and went straight into my bosses office and sat down. She was all confused. Then I said "oh sweety, I am so sorry you are having moments where your power is overbearing...let me be the first to tell you that I am here for you if you need to talk! (trying not to laugh)". At the same time I put down the notification slip and she busted up laughing so hard!!!!!! She knew they were doing this, but not that she would have a slip! LOL! It was funny! (especially seeing the shadows of all the caregivers feet as they listened through the door! LOL!).

    It was fun, and thank goodness didn't envolve me running to different rooms and entering saying "so what brings me in here today...oh...ummmmm...nevermind!"...LOL!!!

    Anyone else get pranked????
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  3. by   nightingale
    I surely did not but I enjoyed reading about how your day went!
  4. by   sb22
    I work in a n ofice with 4 male MD's and a male practice administrator. They have their own bathroom. A couple of us put saran wrap on their toilet.
    Well...the admin figured it out and acted very mad. He made us stop our lunch to go clean up "his mess". Turned out to be Mountain Dew and a Baby Ruth candy bar.
    You can't imagine the looks on our faces as we each realized that the pranksters had been pranked.
  5. by   blue heron
    I pulled one on my clinical instructor- got a cath bag, put foam fish, and other water animals in, filled it with lemon Jello, then with the cooperation of a patient, hung it in front of the real one. Then called the lucky instructor, because 'there's something strange in the bag' and I don't know what to do. We had had purple pee on our first night on this floor, that coupled with some occurances from our previous rotation has made her expect anything when we're on. :chuckle :uhoh21: She comes in and looks, then when it registers she says "Oh you guys!!! I'm going for lunch" then tells the rest of the nurses on shift.
  6. by   FlyGuyRN
    I work in a crazy busy E.R. One night I pick up a chart, and walk out to the waiting room to call my next patient without really looking at anything more than the chief complaint- "Vaginal Bleeding." The name was written Gynahurtz, Myva. So here I am like a stooge yelling for MYVA,,,,, Myva Gynahurtz. There were atleast 3 other nurses, a couple techs and 1 police officer all rolling on the foor laughing. They got me good!
  7. by   Antikigirl
    Okay...the last one has me rolling laughing!!!! I can sooooo see myself falling for that prank too!!!!!! OMGoodness...LOL~!!!!!

    Great pranks! I wished I had thought of the colored foley, could have gotten a few of my CNA's really good!
  8. by   Dormkare1
    :chuckle :chuckle Too Funny!! Laughed my mascare off at that one!!!:chuckle :chuckle
  9. by   JessicaInOr
    Happens to be we have had some extra bizarre patients lately. One lady called to ask if we had put growth hormone in her Forteo because she was growing. She was just sure she was growing by the day. I was laughing too hard and couldn't finish the call so I passed the call on to my partner.

    Tom was listening, his expression was changing and I heard him say, "Your feet are growing too? Yes, I'm sure that is a concern. Perhaps you could buy bigger shoes?" That made the patient happy, she had a solution.

    Well, we've been getting so many of these weird calls that I knew I could pull an April Fools prank on him.

    A friend of mine is a retired nurse. I had her call and pretend to be one of our patients. I told her to be as silly and unbelievable as possible, I knew Tom would believe her just because of the extra bizarre calls we had been getting lately. She agreed.

    She called him and told him she thought her Enbrel was causing liver damage. If she stood really still she could feel her liver wiggling around her her gut, it felt a lot like a fish was moving around in there. She was very concerned about this. Then she went on to say that when the grocery stores had those dollar pizzas on sale... when she ate one it would make her liver wiggle even more, she could feel this! She went on and on and all Tom could say was that he would contact her doctor. Then she told him she already told her doctor and he said to call her nurse. This set Tom off in 12 different ways. After he hung up the phone he just sat there with his head buried in his hands wondering why he ever went into medicine. Every patient is a psych patient, they didn't need a nurse, they ALL needed Haldol D.

    My boss was in on it too and when the call was complete I was supposed to let him know and he would come over and tell Tom that the patient called complaining that Tom wasn't nice about this and she didn't think he was really paying attention to her. Then our boss asked him if he contacted the doctor, afterall this could be serious! Enbrel CAN cause liver problems.

    Tom just looked at our boss like he was crazy. Kinda like our boss was the dumbest thing he had ever met! I was trying so hard to be serious and act concerned because this patient could have a serious liver issue. Tom kept looking at the both of us like we were crazy, this is impossible! You can't feel your liver wiggle!

    I had to walk away because I was about to bust out laughing and blow it. I left, went in the back and started LMAO. Finally when I regained my composure I came back and my heart sank.

    Tom was on the phone to the doc telling him about the wiggling liver. I started telling him to HANG UP! This is a JOKE!! Stop the conversation.

    Oups. I shouldn't have left him afterall. Lucky for us the doc had a good sense of humor. We kind of had to explain everything and he thought it was pretty good.

    I am a little concerned about paybacks after that one.