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Recieved this from my step-mother and thought I'd pass it on.... I don't usually send these scam warnings, because most of the warnings are scams, but I think you'll want to watch out for this... Read More

  1. by   kennedyj
    What if your already naked when you go to answer the door?
  2. by   night owl
    Now you tell me Jenny. And I thought he only wanted to SEE my boobs... Sheesh... Was I stupid or what? It's too late now. Even took my bra with him. Said it was for research or something. That hoe-bag, he's probably wearing it right now! Well I'll be d@med. The nerve of some people!!! The world is full of 'em I'm tellin' ya, and I fell for it...What kind of fool am I??? A d@mn fool! And I forgot to ask him for his ID card...Now I think of it...Jeez I'm really kickin myself for this one. Well, chalk it up. The next time I'll know... What a jerk.............................!
  3. by   stephi57
    now that you mention it....mammography is usually done with a machine rather than hands on. What a fool am I!!!!!!!
  4. by   kennedyj
    hi all, I just wanted everyone to know that I am beginning my Research Thesis study and need volunteers. It is on the study of DNA (Of pubic hair)
    You dont need to be present Just email me a photo!

    This is funny. But I am not sure if it counts as a scam.
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  5. by   Jenny P
    Jared, I know I'm tired, but I just don't understand how a photo of my public hair can help DNA research. Which part of my scalp would be best for your photo?
  6. by   Irish Lass
    poor, poor inspector.... here in mardi gras land you only get to see the tata's if you have really awesome beads to exchange!!! :d