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BS in 1983, worked in public health, M&S, school health, L&D, nursery and pedi. 3 children (now all over 18!) Married for 2nd time

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  1. Another Scam!!!

    now that you mention it....mammography is usually done with a machine rather than hands on. What a fool am I!!!!!!!
  2. It's hard to live with a nurse because...

    oh yes, and you should have seen the look on the doctor's face when he brought in the x-ray reading of my daughter's arm to tell me it was broken and I responded "oh, good!" I hadn't wanted to run off to the ER for nothing and look silly after my fr...
  3. It's hard to live with a nurse because...

    all so true!! My family has banned me from watching ER since I woke them up yelling at the TV while the idiot "doctor" killed a woman by giving her mag sulfate for a post partum hemmorrhage. My kids believe I have no understanding of their ailments,...
  4. so true

    I guess he got his in the end! Great story!!!!
  5. labor nurse cool

    In my 11 years doing L&D and my previous 4 yrs as a public health nurse, I've seen only a handful of pregnant teens due to rape or abuse. By far the majority are a result of consensual sex. The last 16 year old I was with tried for 5 months to ...
  6. AHHH! A Warm Blanket!

    We recently had a tot who complained of being "shivery". I of course got him a blanket from the warmer and told him we had a machine that kept blankets nice and toasty for little ones like him. For the rest of his stay he asked for blankets from th...
  7. Charting Bloopers

    At change of shift, 5 RNs, 3 LPNs and the nurse manager huddled over a chart where the pediatrician had just ordered what appeared to be "TL". All that combined nursing knowledge could not decipher what TL could possibly stand for. :confused:Finall...
  8. Embarrassing moments?

    I had a nursing instructor who turned beet red during a lecture on the importance of good perineal care--she told us that we couldn't get by with "a lick and a promise". The entire auditorium roared and the lecture ended early that day!
  9. Funny Names for Nurses

    Last year, a patient having her 9th baby chose the name Noah saying it's 'cause there will be "no-a more";)
  10. Flea Bites

    People certainly do have their own "medical language"! One evening we had a phone call from a lady 32 weeks pregnant. She was having lots of groin cramps, frequent urination and fatigue (pregnancy!) and wanted to have the baby NOW. She told us to ...
  11. Correct I&O?

    newly back in the hospital environment after 8 years in public health, I tried to be very conscientious doing all the nursing tasks correctly. At 4AM vital signs on a distunguished elderly lady who had her IV discontinued on the condition she push f...
  12. Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    not really an order but among my favorites are the ultrasound reports that come to us on L&D with the box beside "pt pregnant" checked NO while the report reads "single viable IUP...." (intrauterine pregnancy for y'all non OB's). Who does the qu...
  13. labor nurse cool

    Our head nurse is nearing retirement--she has seen just about everything come through our rural L&D unit and always looks calm and unruffled. Recently she was attending the labor of a very emotional 16 yr old. The girl was having alot of pain, ...
  14. New Nurse....HELP

    As has been said so well already, ask, ask, ask! Keep your eyes & ears open. Read charts. Look up anything you don't know and even things you think you do know. Thank your coworkers for sharing--ask the "seasoned" as well as the new. I'm fortun...
  15. No 504? Legalities?

    Hi~~just a few thoughts. I have been a school nurse in VT for 15 yrs and also work in a hospital setting. First, check both your school job description and your state nursing regulations. As an RN, you are practicing on your own license and respon...