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I AM CANADIAN, eh? So, what do Canadians have to be proud of? 1. Smarties 2. Crispy Crunch & Coffee Crisp 3. The size of our footballs fields and one less Down 4. Baseball is Canadian ... Read More

  1. by   semstr
    LOL yes I know what you mean, great with paprika the chips!!
    What do you mean with peanatsauce! is that the good old indonesian sat-sauce?
    Can't get that here neither, OMG, my mouth starts watering!!
    What about some real good old dutch cheese!!
    Take care and hoi, Renee
  2. by   Marijke
    Yeah, I was talking about the Indonesian peanut sauce (much better than the Thai version I think). I can get it at an oriental market here in town, but most of the time I make my own with good old fashioned (not creamy) peunut butter.
    Isn't it amazing how you can crave certain foods when you are living away from home? I am so lucky I can get most things I want here. I understand the person who goes for a 3 hour drive (one way) to get the TH coffee.
    Hmm, just got a craving for overaged Gouda cheese.

  3. by   Eric01
    With the Tim Horton's coffee, the rumor is that they add extra caffeine to it for various reasons. The rumour is that they have already added so much caffeine that if they were to add any more it would become a restriced substance like tobacco and alcohol. At Timmy's, they sell cans and pouches of "their" coffee to do at home. It's supposed to be the same stuff they use at the store.