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I am an office nurse and these are "daily doses of a patients reality"!!! A familiar scene in the office!! A new patient arrives and the "Med List" needs to be created. One day I asked a... Read More

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    thanks ChayaN
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    lisalau- I like your soapbox, very similar to mine!
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    lisalau- I like your soapbox, very similar to mine! We forget that antibiotics are poisons, just as they do good they do harm (MRSA) and like pesticides we are creating more virulent strains of bacteria and hardy insects as reducing the strength of our own immune systems.
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    Quote from kukukajoo
    Mayonaise is the best headlice treatment I ever found. My poor daughter with three times the hair on her head than mine had an outbreak in elementary school a few years back. She kept getting it over and over and I was at wits end. I finally figured out that the school nurse was letting kids stay in school with active lice and not instituting a no nit policy!! You can bet I lobbied to change that!!

    Anyhow- lice are chemical resistant these days and slathering mayonaise on the head GOOD then wrapping with plastic wrap and a towel suffocates the buggers! Of course I always did this after the chemical treatments and once I did this and changed the policy at school we never had a problem again!
    GREAT that you do this but I suggest eliminating the chemical tx's altogethe OTC and permethrins /pyrethrins are neurotoxic
    agents which the buggers just laugh at anyway having developed resistance to them. They are pesticides afterall! I wonder how many brain cells we kill when we apply the stuff on our children? Check out
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    I once overheard a hospital patient advise her roommate to douche with Tide. I forget what for. I've heard of people "foaming at the mouth" but foaming at the other end???

    I've heard the duct tape for warts does really work. My son had lots of warts on his hands; the doc tried freezing them. Painful, and didn't help at all. We used prescription topical acne medicine (retin-A) rubbed in twice a day and it really worked.

    I also keep hearing about the Vick's Vapo-Rub for nail fungus. I've advised several people to use it but haven't had anyone yet do it long enough to see. It's certainly cheaper and less potentially toxic than the prescription meds.
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    Quote from elthia
    I know of people with severe sinus problems who swear that nasal/sinus irrigation with a weak salt H2O solution has prevented recurrent sinus infections, DH has started this every other day and hasn't had a sinus infection since.
    This isn't an old wives tale - that's what my ENT doc has me do, altho I've started using the saline nose spray instead, because it isn't as messy.
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    I have heard for severe upset stomach to take a tbsp of apple cider vinegar. I suffer from gall bladder pains and so I tried it once...sure enough! It worked!

    My best story was actually from my hubby who is a paramedic! A woman with complaints of severe constipation called 9-11 because of rectal bleeding. She was from a Asian country and was very into the culture and cultural therapies.

    Once on hubby learned that their remedy in that family was to get a rose, take off the rose bloom and leaves and keep the thorns! It is put up the rectum to try to break apart the impaction. Okay it may do that...but OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

    SHe was taken to a local hospital and given a unit or two of blood because they had done this TID for a week! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!!!

    Talk about no pain no gain??? OUCHIE!!!!!!!
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    I don't think that they were trying to be rude or anything.. I'm sure we do things that are weird to people who aren't from around here. I think they are just referencing the fact that it is someone from a different culture.. this is suppose to be humerous not for anyone to pick apart at
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    I heard that the lifeguards by the beach used to carry windex with them for jellyfish stings, I guess it really works. I have a friend that got sprayed down with windex and she said it worked great.. Leave it to the Jersey Shore :wink2:
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    I know two people who did (and probably still do) this. With one of them, his overall health improved dramatically, his chronic pain disappeared, his skin looked 20 years younger, and his grey hair grew back in dark. The other also drinks it regularly (he's in his 80's) and used urine packs on a brown recluse bite in his inguinal area (he refused all other treatment). I was terrified for him, but he recovered.