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  1. OK, still getting ready for JCAHO, but I needed a humor break (Hi, VEGAS!). This stemmed from an article I read awhile back about an actual vegetable ad that promised "FRESH OR IT'S FREE!" (Like you'd still want them if they weren't?) The article compared the ad to areas such as your local pet shop (Puppies: alive or they're FREE!) Anyway, plagarizing mercilessly, I got to thinking about medical applications...

    Operating Room: Correct extremity amputated or it's FREE!
    OB/GYN: It's YOUR baby or it's FREE!
    Your local doctor: Licensed and competent, or he's FREE!
    Medications: It's the right medication or it's FREE!
    Foley insertions: Goes into the correct orfice or it's FREE!

    And, most pertinent to me right now...

    JCAHO: We'll find SOME "opportunity for improvement" or it's FREE!

    OK, guys, help me out. Can anybody come with other black, distasteful and politically incorrect applications? JeannieM
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    None that I can post on a public thread. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Hey, Jeannie!!
  4. by   JeannieM
    You see, I'm still alive and as demented as ever. I'm working on a story about the WHACKO inspection at Prudence's Allnurse hospital if/when I survive OUR inspection! Maybe I should have posted this on the Discussion thread. Don't know if Mario, Micro, Heather, Wendee and the rest of the gang will find us here...

    Let's see: How about Viagra: make Whoopee or it's FREE! (The mind descendeth to the gutter...) Take care! This sanity break was much needed!!!
  5. by   debyan
    how about
    I&O cath :you pee or its free
    liposuction :size 3 or its free
    phycologist sanity or its free
    I seem to have this rhyme type thing going on
    circumcision nothing missing or its free
    Or how about if you had to have a toe amputated and they had a two for the price of one sale?
    That would even work with breast implants tata's
    botox injections wrinkles gone or its free
    sorry just ramblin now deb
  6. by   kmchugh
    How about this one:

    Circumcision: Done right, or half off!

  7. by   JonRN
    :roll :roll :roll

    ROFLMAO Kevin........maybe that's what happened to me!!!! I oughta sue the Freshman med student that done mine LOL
  8. by   baseline
    Circumcision: Done right, or half off!
  9. by   JeannieM
    OUCH! That hurt, Kevin, and I'm not even a guy! Deby, you could definitely market that liposuction here; I'd sign up!!!
  10. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by kmchugh
    How about this one:

    Circumcision: Done right, or half off!

    Don't mean to cut you short, but that one is good! LOL

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