Part Time/PRN, does it ever turn into full time

  1. I am a new LPN, passed boards in Sept. I have been applying high and low for a full time job (need the benefits), and have had no luck so far. I have had opportunities for part time/PRN. I was just wondering if anyone had to start there as well. I have a great chance to start part time weekends at a developmental disability group home, and something is telling me that it would be a great thing. I have heard that most of the time PT does turn into full time eventually. If anyone could shed some light on the PRN/part time side of things I would greatly appreciate it!
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  3. by   NursieNurseLPN
    Well i cant speak from experience as im also looking for a job but i would say go for it. It will at the very least help you get a full time job in the future bc you will have experience. When we go apply places, they just want experience. They dont usually ask if you worked part time or per diem. Most new nurses ive known have had to accept per diem bc thats the only way they hire around here. I would be ecstatic to be hired anywhere, even per diem. Also, i do know alot of people who started per diem & wound up full time as soon as a spot was available. Good luck!
  4. by   somedaypeds
    My advice is to take what you can get.
  5. by   military spouse
    Absolutely! My last employer began hiring people prn in attempt to evaluate their performance and ability to work in a challenging setting prior to offering full-time employment. I think this was beneficial to both the employee and employer since we had a history of losing staff, both from resignations and terminations.
  6. by   knondrejka
    I work PRN, but I get full time hours. We are required to "Sign up" for at least 60 hours per pay period and I've worked pretty much every shift so far. Ya sometimes I get cancelled because the census is low or they are fully staffed on the units, but the pay is amazing. That way you get to know the units and decide if you want to be full time on a specific unit.
  7. by   sbearde7
    I ended up taking the job! I heard from plenty of people that work there that hours are readily available if you want them. The DON told me that they do not hire full time outside the company, they always hire for a full time position someone that already works there, and that happens pretty fast there. I'm nervous but very excited! Thanks everyone