Need HELP! Which Job????

  1. I did my RN preceptorship in hospital A that is 12 miles from home. The wonderful BSN who precepted me became the OB/Ped director about a month after i finished my preceptorship. I graduated in Aug 12' and contacted her about a job. The dept. census was low so the HR department wouldn't approve a new hire. She told me if I could wait a few months she would get me a position but if I couldn't she did understand.. In November, hospital B, which is 17 miles away, posted a job for OB and I applied. To my surprise I was offered an interview then a second peer interview. I thought I had the job. Unfortunately, the Director called me around the middle of December 12' to let me know they chose a new RN who had previously worked the floor as a secretary. I was heart broken but I moved on thinking this is not where the good lord wants me right now. She did tell me it was a difficult decision and if there were ever another job open up she'd call me. Well, hospital A finally opened up a position for me around February 4. i did My drug screen Feb 22 and I had my Human Resources interview today. The lady in HR said she couldn't officially offer me anything until my drug screen, background and reference checks were cleared. Today around 3 hospital B calls me out of the blue to say they have a nurse going flex time and wanted to know if I would be interested in a full time position, and if I was working now. I told them I had a interview but nothing was "official" yet. She said she couldn't make me an offer today because they had to "approve" the job. Both positions are nights with 36 hrs/week. Hospital A is Fri, Sat, Sun nights 7pm-7am paying $22/$23 hour while hospital B is weekday nights with rotating weekend paying $25 hour. Hospital A was going to be night weekdays but since I know the director she told me I could work weekend nights so my hubby could be home with our sons and we wouldn't have to pay anyone. We have a sitter which is a family member wanting $500 month if we need them. I'm worried and confused...I don't want to burn bridges or make hospital A's director mad because she's helped me finally get this job but at the same time I'm torn. Hospital A is not as nice of a facility as B, however, the staff is more down to earth, easy going whereas hospital B is a more "high class, clickish" staff. Hospital B does alot more deliveries each month and is much bigger and hospital A is small and its maternity and peds whereas B is just L&D.... What to do??? If I'm working on weekends I get all week with my kids but then again ill never get a weekend off...
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  3. by   g2momma
    Wow! That is a tough choice. I would look at the long run... where do you see yourself being "HAPPY"?

    I personally don't think I would like to have to work EVERY weekend. But, it will also difficult to work nights and then care for your sons without sleep. I think I would go for the nicer people and a wider variety of client care.

    Good Luck in your decision!
  4. by   schershmelshnac
    It sounds from your description like you would rather be working at hospital A. It sounds like the DON likes you and wants you to have you working there, maybe if working all weekend doesn't work out for you your schedule could be tweaked at some point down the road. It might be nice too to have your first job at the facility you preceptored in where you are already familiar with the facility and the staff.
  5. by   RN_BSN09
    I think you need to ask yourself what is MOST important to you. You have a lot of information going on there... so what are your priorities with your job? Pick the one that you will be happiest with. It's only a small amount pay difference, so if you will be happier at one place more than the other, then pay should not make a difference if you don't enjoy what you do. What priorities for your family/schedule do you HAVE to have? If you are wanting to work weekends, and both have the option, then go with the one you like more. Don't base your decision on making a director, or manager mad... you need to communicate with them, but your career is your choice and ultimately you need to do what is right for you. Hope that helps.
  6. by   BSNbeauty
    Make a list of pros and cons and weigh each of them. Family should be number one, so if you want to be home with them and don't wanna pay a sitter choose a weekend job. Just know you'll miss alot of things on the weekend but that is the price to pay. Perhaps the other job would be good, you'll have best of both worlds. You'll have 4 days off and still have most of your weekends.
  7. by   wyogypsy
    I can see where it would be a tough decision. For me, the deciding factor would be family. No weekends off with your husband and kids can get to everyone. Yes the sitter would cost, but it would also give you family time. Unfortunately there are no right or wrong answers - maybe you can make a pro and con list to help you make your decision.

    Congratulations on getting to choose between two jobs!
  8. by   newnurse1986
    I am now an employee of Hospital B. It was a hard decision but after weighing the pros and cons of each I think I made the best decision for me. I feel like this is where The Lord is leading me!!
  9. by   newnurse1986
    I am now an employee of Hospital B. It was a hard decision but after weighing the pros and cons of each I think I made the best decision for me. I feel like this is where The Lord is leading me!!
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