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I was a CNA for the SNF that I interviewed at for a year and a half. I know the place and I know the people. The CNAs burn out and leave quite often, for good reason. The RNs, hardly ever leave. ... Read More

  1. by   Staragate
    Ha! Yesterday, I got all my assessments done in the morning. I'm still really thorough, so it takes me a while. I got charting done midshift and got out in time. No emergencies, no admissions.... just the LOL who pulled out her PICC after it had JUST been reverified.
  2. by   gmondina
    I work in LTC and a charge nurse means you're one of the floor nurses but still responsible for the LVS and CNAs. As a new grad you should not go to a SNF it's going backwards. Eveyone should have experience in the hospital. It is hard to get into the hospital later because you have no experience in the hospital. Try to go to the hospital but if you have no choice then go to the SNF. But I would not recommend the SNF for new grads.
  3. by   Staragate
    We take opportunities where we can get them.
  4. by   noc4senuf
    I know this is a little late but, needed to address new grads in LTC. There is no reason to have hosptial experience first. There are nurses out there that never wish to work in a hospital. In LTC you learn to function without an MD constantly available at your side. Over the years I have hired many new grads and they do very well, especially on the TCU (rehab). Hope everything is still going well for you.