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  1. I just recently graduated from nursing school and I passed my NCLEX last week (YEAAAA ME ), does anyone out there know of any good websites that have resume layouts specific to nursing/new nursing grads? I have found a lot of resumes online to look at but I'm coming from a background in criminal justice (law enforcement) so my resume is tailored to that field and I would like to get some insight on a good nursing resume so I can better edit mine to fit.
    Some things I'm curious about:
    *Should I add a summary of skills
    *In listing my certifications my first aid/cpr/aed expired in August and I know I can obtain recertification once hired but how should I list this on my resume or should I try and obtain it on my own (with Christmas around the corner I dont really have the extra cash to pay for this myself esp when employers can pay for it)
    *List volunteer work (unrelated to nursing), I was also a Who Who's Amount College and University Students years ago when I obtained my BS should I list this also even though it was so long ago.
    *How much education is too much education to list these days? I have a BS, Minor and Masters plus my nursing certification along with a police academy certification. It used to be bad news to list too much education when applying for certain jobs since it could make you look over qualified but nowadays with the bad economy is listing it all now acceptable.

    Sorry if I've asked too many questions. I've learned so much from allnurses that I figured I would get some good advice from others
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  3. by   notmanydaysoff
    when applying for a job in a field that is different from where you were, use what is referred to as a "functional skills" resume format.

    focus on what you know, what you learned in clinicals, education, any continuing education in addition to school, certificates, etc.

    indicating work experience, while not relevant, may illustrate that you have consistency, longevity, customer service skills, ability to rationalize and think fast/act quickly, performed w/increasing responsibility, or whatever...(assuming that is the case)!

    I listed my previous work experience at the bottom of my resume and gave name of employer, city/state, title, and dates (in yrs). I did not include job responsibilities.

    good luck!

    P.S. I start my new job today!
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    I'm excited to apply. I think I have my resume almost finished
  5. by   shamrokks
    I know this is an old post but in case anyone else wondering the same thing runs across it, has a great advice link with examples of different resumes for different type of careers including nursing and for students entering the work force, stay at home moms entering the work force. They give some good advice.