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  1. Hello, my name is Maddie and I'm new to I graduated in May with my RN-ADN, and am currently in the process of getting my BSN online. I live in northern California. I have applied to about 70 jobs and have not gotten even ONE call back. I just need some advice, or words of encouragement! Is there anything I can do to stand out among hundreds of nurses who are just as qualified, if not more, than I am? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!
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  3. by   Inori
    Dear Mads.RN, gotta keep trying, consider relocating, apply to rural places in areas that are less desirable aka poor neighborhoods. volunteer, network, take courses to get ACLS, PALS, get BSN if dont have already. apply in person ton nursing homes/rehab centers. As new grad you're basically the same so keep following up with your applicatoins, good luck the job will happen .. its just may take a while.

    keep applying for work, go volunteer, exercise, and believe in yourself you are a valuable person and its not you its the econony. Stay positive, smile and shoulder on. Every day write down and repeat to self. I am a nurse, I went into nursing because __ and __. I have strong points in __ and __. I can help you. and SMILE. You're brain washing youself until true or not you believe it so will everyone else.
  4. by   RN_Private
    I am in the same boat; it is so very frustrating. I would recommend calling or emailing your clinical instructors asking for a written reference and send them whenever you send your resume. I would also add to your resume; "Written references from clinical instructors available." There is also nothing wrong with a good cover letter expressing how long you wanted to be a nurse, how good of a nurse you will be with their company, etc. Good luck, hoping for us both to land our first jobs very soon!
  5. by   Mads.RN
    Thank you for the encouragement!!
  6. by   Mads.RN
    Thank you, I hope you and I both find jobs soon