Applying for multiple positions in same facility

  1. Hi everyone, I'm about to graduate in May and am currently in the interview process for a job on a surgical floor at a local hospital (have had 2 interviews so far). My question is the same hospital has since posted 3 new jobs on different units that are open to new grads, can I apply to these positions or will it seem that I am not interested enough in the position I am being interviewed for? I like surgical nursing but the other postings, ambulatory surgery and the E.D seem like great jobs as well. Thanks for your help
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  3. by   LynnLRN
    When I first graduated and started applying for jobs I applied to multiple units because I wasn't hearing anything from the first couple I applied to. During my first interview, the first question from the managers mouth was I see you have applied to multiple adult units, neonatal is for people who really want to work here (neonatal was one area I actually had a bit of experience and was truly interested in). He pretty much spent the entire interview telling me how I didn't want the job, needless to say I didn't get hired. So applying to multiple units definitely hurt me. Also, recently I got a new job and I was talking to a friend who was part of the hiring process for the job and she was telling me about other candidates and that they seemed as though they were just looking for anything since they applied to multiple areas so they didn't bother interviewing them. So if you are applying for "specialty" areas I definitely do not think applying to multiple jobs is a good idea. Now if it is 3 med-surg floors then that makes sense.
  4. by   Morainey
    IMO it looks kinda bad to apply to a zillion positions in the same hospital. I thought it seemed like a good idea too, but it was brought to my attention that it just makes you look like you're desperate for ANY job and you don't care what position you get.
  5. by   wish_me_luck
    I am about to graduate and my classmates put out like 25 applications to a facility or facilities under the same system. The idea was to get a job. What they did is they interviewed for the ones they got calls on and if they were offered the job they waited to see what else they got and decided.

    I hated that idea. I applied to two different floors at one facility. Four applications to one floor and two to another. Haven't heard, but I am not putting in anymore if I don't hear because I don't want just a job. I am going to start looking outside the area in the field of nursing that I really want. Then, pursue that 100%. I do think it's bad applying to a job to just get a job. It has to be obvious they want the experience and will probably move on after. But, I think if I saw someone pursuing an area they really wanted, but didn't have much experience, I would still consider them. They are more likely to stick around. The area I really want doesn't pay as much as the hospital, but I love it.

    So, my advice is that both have draw backs. Applying on many floors could land you a job but you may not like the floor and pursuing an area you like could take longer.
  6. by   nurs2012
    Thanks everyone ! I think I am going to wait awhile to see if I hear back, if not then I'll search other open positions.
  7. by   porkey2
    I personally don't see anything wrong with applying for multiple jobs as they tell on there website to keep applying, thats what I've been doing. They know how bad new grads want a job, sure applying for something that you really want is all well and good but in my case I would like the OR in a particular hospital but I need two years of med surg experience so you better believe I'm applying all over. I need experience anywhere I could get it.
  8. by   Ntheboat2
    I don't know how it "looks" to other people to apply to several positions. I know that I started out only applying to the jobs I actually REALLY wanted. I didn't want to be put in the position where I interviewed for and was offered a position for a job that I applied to "just because." My plan was to start applying to my second and third choice jobs if I didn't have any luck with the ones I really wanted, but luckily I got one I wanted.

    It would suck to be offered a job for a job that you really don't want, but you're afraid to turn down, and then get a call later from one of the jobs you truly wanted.