Applying before you even graduate?

  1. Hello again

    I've ran across a couple of posts on this site where people apply to places before they even graduate. I would like to know if this is really true. Would it be possible for me, as an LPN student, to apply to a location, before even obtaining my license?
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  3. by   optimistic_newgrad
    Hi, the job posting will typically state if you can apply before you have your license. I applied and received a job offer before I had my license. The job posting may state, must have license by ____ specific date.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    You have nothing to lose by applying before graduation--the worst they can tell you is "no." However with this job market being so saturated, don't be surprised if jobs will tell you to come back after passing the NCLEX.
  5. by   Whispera
    Lots of places will hire you on graduation, pending your licensure. It's good to apply before you graduate, I think. Some might even hire you as a nursing associate, or some such thing, which means they're grooming you to be a nurse there...
  6. by   not.done.yet
    Just depends on the facility and, to some extent, what region of the country you are in. In DFW it is common for internships and openings to post months prior to the start date and for applications to start long before the final semester is over. I had my job lined up by the end of October. I graduated in December and start the job at the end of January. I do not have my license yet - NCLEX on Jan 24th.
  7. by   lilcampy310
    I would say just do it! What do you have to lose? That's how it always used to be!
    I had a nursing career fair at my school this year, and about half the hospitals wouldn't accept resumes and said don't even bother applying until you take your NCLEX - which really ticked me off! That means we'll be sitting around for months after graduating waiting to hear back! I would just apply. If it's not what they want, then they'll just delete your application anyways - but maybe someone will pick up something that they like with you along the way and you'll get lucky! You never know.
  8. by   loriangel14
    Oh yes.I was hired before I had even graduated.Most of my classmates did the same.
  9. by   scifihippie
    I started applying in September before my December graduation. I landed a job first of November to start January 9. I will be a graduate nurse and need to take the NCLEX within 6 weeks of starting. They even pay me the day I go take it!Everyone who waited to apply after graduation is hearing "I'm sorry, we've hit capacity on new hires, we need to fill other openings with experienced nurses." so, don't wait, start applying a few months before graduation.