Anyone know of nursing homes or agencies hiring nurses with zero years of experience?

  1. anyone knows nursing home or agencies taking people with zero year of experience? I have 4 months experience only. I was asked to resign in my first job...
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Hi, there. If we knew the city or state in which you are located, perhaps other members could chime in with suggestions. Good luck to you!
  4. by   Inori
    @Quinn A - sadly there's no "list" of places that accept new grads. you'll have to do some foot work, in person applications, online, get your resume and cover letter to all the ones you may be interested in working at. In a sense its a numbers game the more applications you send out the higher the chance of finding that one employer who will give new grads a chance. You want to do targeted sendings, personalize it with the nursing recruiter, director of nursings name per unit. Keep track of which company go what and when. It will happen your first nursing job, stay positive and good luck.

    generally the trend has been if you have an ADN avoid magnet hospitals those only want BSN. Aim for city public hospitals, rural areas, nursing homes. of course if you have bsn apply to all. Come back share your research too so other new grads can have a chance to work.
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  5. by   tenn_bsnstudent
    I think most nursing homes will hire without experience. Right now I am a CNA and the nursing home I work at hires nurses right out of nursing school and trains them. There was one nurse that was hired right on the spot the day he filled out an application and started the next day. I don't know where you live but this is in Tennessee.
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    Quote from Quinn A
    anyone knows nursing home or agencies taking people with zero year of experience? I have 4 months experience only. I was asked to resign in my first job...
    I am also looking for a job in connecticut, i don't mind the location. Have only 4 months experience. Does anyone know any place hiring lpns in connecticut.
  7. by   JGilliam
    I took a CNA class at the local community college, I am also taking my last co-reg, Microbio, for admission to a nursing program. Pre-req's are done, w/ a 3.8 GPA. The last part of my CNA class was 40 hours of clinical at a Rehab/Nursing home center.

    I have been applying all over the board, literally! Internet job boards;, & to name a few. I have only heard back from a few, with "Regret's"... And some individualized local nursing center websites. The local individual nursing center website I submitted an application on, called me for an interview.

    Only when I went onto the Rehab/Nursing center(home) website where I did my clinical, did I hear back with an interview!

    My advice would be to "Walk In" with your resume, CNA certificate, State CNA lisence, Social Security card & Driver's lisence. ASK to see/speak to the Director of Nursing. And apply to all local nursing home websites individually.

    Nursing/Rehab centers and Home Health agencies are really the only one's hiring CNA's without experience. I still have some applications floating out there w/ hospitals but again, they prefer at least 6 mo.-1 yr. experience.
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    Any nursing homes in Orlando that hire without experience plz let me know private msg is ok thanx

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