On Line Masters Program?

  1. I have my BSN and would love to teach nursing someday. Can anyone recommend a good on line Masters program? Is there such thing as an on line PhD program??

    Just curious,

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm doing University of Phoenix's online BSN now and will start the MSN part next June. Love it, but its expensive $1100 per 3 credit hour course.
  4. by   puggy
    Frontier Nursing Service offers a Masters on-line, you have to go there for some of it. I did a traditional Masters. Check with your state universities about on-line classes. UK offers a DNS with most of the work done online - I think you have to meet twice a semester.
  5. by   renerian
    I got an MS, not in nursing, in nutrition on line. BS/MS and it was reasonable.

  6. by   layna
    Thanks to all of you for the input! I sure appreciate the help. I will check out your info on line.
  7. by   VickyRN
    IF I ever get the time to pursue a Master's again (had to drop out of MSN-Nurse Educator due to incredibly busy teaching schedule and faculty shortage), I will purse a Masters in Public Health (UNC-Chapel Hill has a good program, totally online). It's not nursing, but it is considered an acceptable masters nursing program nonetheless.
  8. by   lynswim
    I am doing an online MSN program (education track) via St. Joseph's College in Maine. It is very reasonable and the staff and faculty have been great so far.
    Hope this helps!
  9. by   layna

    How much is the program costing you and how long does it take to complete?

  10. by   renerian
    Lyn I looked into your college. Sounded nice but was not flexible enough. With working full time and 5 kids I needed VERY Flexible LOL. Glad you like it!

  11. by   imenid37
    hey i found an online masters for perinatal clin spec. exactly what i want, but the price is hefty and my job only pays 2500.00/year. it's st. louis university.(690.00/credit). i really like what i see and i'd love to pursue this. anyone have any advice about funding? i make a good salary, but am already in debt up to my eyeballs and back twice! i want to get off of nights one day and share my love of ob nursing w/ the next generation. i love education, but i feel expanding my knowledge of my own specialty would suit me best.
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  12. by   JNJ
    California State University at Dominguez Hills has been offering Master's degrees by distance learning techniques for many years.
    I spent five years part time getting mine and the cost was only $6,000 total.

    They now do a Master's in Nursing online with various specialty branches.

    Dr. John Bear publishes an extremely useful book called something like, "Non-traditional degrees." This covers bachelors up to doctorates in non-traditional settings and helps keep you on the appropriate paths regarding degree mills and other such pitfalls which can become a time bomb waiting to go off in the resume.

    This book is not easily found; sometimes there is a small, rather suspicious advertisement for it in some of the nursing magazines. But it is an incredible resource and has guided me safely thru many educational issues. Dr. Bear acts as an education expert for the Federal Govt. and I do believe he is absolutely bona fide.
  13. by   renerian
    I got my BS/MS total, including books for 4800.

  14. by   layna
    Wow, renerian! Would you please let me know which school you did this through? I already have my BSN...just need to get the MSN.