Love to Teach - Masters?

  1. Hi,
    Hopefully someone out there has some suggestions. I love to teach!

    Background: I'm an RN -Psych Nurse. Have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Have completed all prerequisites for a BSN - A&P I&II, Microbiology, Statistics, Chemistry, Nutrition etc.

    Goal: To earn a Master's Degree in Nursing Education and in Psych. Would like to be an Instructor at a nursing school and continue to work part time as a Psych Nurse. Willing to do it online or to relocate to anywhere in the US. Any suggestions?

    Thank you so much for your suggestions.
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  3. by   a016202
    I just finished my Master's in Nursing Education. First, you'll need to complete your BSN (unless you are doing some kind of bridge program). I got my BSN from Indiana University (IU) and my MSN from Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU). The MSN was online with a teaching clinical you must complete at a local university and online. I taught Community Health at IWU and an online Nursing Research class (again at IWU). You will also complete a thesis.

    I immediately found an adjunct position at a local 2-year college. I also have a job at a pharma company as a research nurse.

    The MSN curriculum was tough and very time consuming but I completed on time in 22 months. As always, make sure your school is properly accredited (CCNE for MSN and NLN for BSN). Accreditation means everything.

    Good luck.
  4. by   lepew
    I did my MSN through Walden. Did a specialization in nursing education. Took me 2 years. No thesis- just a project. Not bad at all
  5. by   carriebarton59
    Thank you so much! Is anyone familiar with "stipends" that some schools are offering?
  6. by   lepew
    Some offer based on faculty needs. If they are having problems recruiting faculty they may offer a stipend
  7. by   worf
    I KNIW this is an older thread; but can anyone provide a update to this? MSN educator track at Walden? What does the practicum entail, how's the course load, professors?
  8. by   lub dub
  9. by   worf
    Thank you, I've seem the website; however I was looking for personal experience & input...
  10. by   lepew
    I did mine through walden. The practicum was not bad. They guide you through. You find a local preceptor - they will talk to the preceptor via phone- and you decide what you are going to do. Teach a class, etc. I created an online orientation for new faculty for mine. I thought it was pretty user friendly. That was 3 years ago.
  11. by   JBudd
    I did my MSN online through UNM; the field work was local, just needed a contract with a local nursing program. I took it slowly, one class at a time, over 5 years. Worked nights, single mom-med 3 homeschooled kids. My experience was very positive, traveled sometimes to campus and met some professors, my advisor; but on the whole it was really nice just to get to do my classes on my time line (usually between 2 and 4 AM).
  12. by   nursemeanie
    I did my masters at Walden, too. I completed the RN to MSN Education track. For my practicum I selected a CNS who worked in my facility that needed to be approved by Walden. I can't stress enough that you choose someone you really mesh with for this project. You need to spend a lot of time together and it could be a great experience or a horrid one!