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It's me again. Im kinda finding it hard to find a nursing job they all need at least 1 year clinical exp in which I dont have but I saw this hospital they are looking for an ECG Tech. Im thinking if this would be a good entry job for me? Im not in the US and hospitals here are on freeze hiring. So which is better I start my career as an ECG tech and get paid or attend a 6 month Basic Skills Training for nurses which would probably start by August which has no pay? Im really feeling down and pressured now:cry:


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If you're a RN, go for the training. ECH tech will get old fast, and you're overqualified. It's worth the patience. good luck!


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We had no openings for new grads but needed some monitor techs so they trained 2 new grads, after 1-2 mos one new grad positioned opened up on the tele floor. This nurse is probably better at rhythms and working the tele systems than some of the seasoned nurses. New grad on tele never get that much hands on monitor experience


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I'm headed back to grad school and wondered if perhapd being tele tech would be a "fun" way to make a little money without the stress of nursing. I know it won't pay as well, but it's better than no money at all. Have no idea if I'd get hired, but when I saw this thread I was like "Hey! that's kind of what I was wondering!" :D

It would be an awesome way to get some good EKG training as a new nurse. You'd have your foot in the door in the hospital. I'm betting you'd be getting benefits (and that's always nice!). Just make sure it's clear to the hospital that you would like to move to a nursing position as soon as one opens. Good luck, and let me know what they say about nurses as tele tech. . . that might be just what I need for part time grad school work :)


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I guess I'll just have to start off being a tech. I think being a tech, getting a job and training at the same time for a 21 year old nurse is not that bad at all.

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I have wanted to gain EKG experience as well. I took a course, found it to be very interesting, but I am not working in an area where I can get the practice. If you can get it, that is great! And, as mentioned, gently remind them that you are looking to obtain a nursing position. Good luck!

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