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Does anyone have a good nursing dx for a pt who has uncontrollable diarrhea with C. difficile?

I was thinking something about self esteem or body image related to loss of control of normal body function?

Any ideas



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What about ...

Dehydration, potential for related to diarrhea secondary to c.diff?


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What about:

Deficient Fluid Volume or

Risk for Impaired Skin Integity or

Imbalanced Nutrition:Less than body requirements

HappyNurse2005, RN

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Well, the nursing dx "Diarrhea" comes to mind

manna, BSN, RN

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My first thought was fluid volume deficit.


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My first thought was fluid volume deficit.

Yep, me too. And previous poster makes a good point, you might want to use Diarrhea as well :rolleyes:

Aneroo, LPN

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Yeah, diarrhea, fluid volume deficit, skin integrity, patient's comfort, disturbed sleep, imbalanced nutrition...

i just finished a nursing dx for a person with c-diff and i used fluid volume deficit, imblanced nutrition, and impaired skin integrity

wonderbee, BSN, RN

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You can also use infection r/t diarrhea AEB positive c diff culture.

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