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what are the requirements to be a nurse in dubai?any one here who knows any agency that can assist me on finding an employer from dubai?

i don't know if this could help you but a friend of mine went there through sponsor visa. Before he went there, be sure your papers are ready such as red ribbon, CAV from CHED and other nursing documents. Their ministry of health there would allow one to take their exam as long as you have 5 months experience. My friend had 5 month dialysis training. He's an ER nurse there now.

Regarding agency, I don't know. I heard most agencies here need that you atleast have 2 years to 3 years of work experience.


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Thanks for the info..but where should I go where is their ministry of health? Also do you know what the requirements are?

My friend was petitioned by his sister so he's able to go to Dubai through sponsorship, thus, he can stay there for 3 months, unlike tourist visa, only 30 days. He went to Ministry of Health office there in Dubai already, not here in Philippines.

These are the steps as far as I know.


1. Go to your school registrar and tell them that you need your documents to be certified, authenticated, verified by CHED. They will ask for your original diploma and TOR so they can prepare the confirmation letter and certified true copy of those documents. Then you need to go go CHED and fill up the CAV form.


1. Go to PRC with your original and photocopy of board certificate, board rating and PRC license and fill up a verification of documents.

Hope that helps


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I came back last year from Bahrain.You must have a few years of experience before working in Gulf country.I apply through an agency in Dubai personally.


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Can I have any information about the salary??

I am working here in USA as RN and I have experience

also from Europe,but before starting the hole process

I would like to know some "real"experiences regarding salary.



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Of course salary is very much better.Salary is depend on nationality.Tax free, occomodation and transport provided.


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Thank you ellany 69. Great question. i have been trying to find out the same. Does anyone know the salaries in Dubai besides the usual "great tax free plus benefits?"


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There is a post in the international section under phillipines titled "MOH-Saudi" that might have similar information. I know I was reading it just for fun and it had mentioned some pay in Saudi but not specifically in Dubai. Some of the girls and guys were living in that area and may be able to answer your questions.

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