Nursing and Disability

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I am a BSN nursing student and I will be finishing nursing school soon. I have been diagnose with several medical conditions and lately I have been struggling with my health. I want to enter the workforce but I was wondering which nursing jobs would be appropriate for me to apply for when you struggle with a disability?

Hoosier_RN, MSN

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It will depend on the disability. But public health right out of school may be a good bet. Most other "less physical" jobs may require a level of experience 


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Thank you so much for your guidance ?.

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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Like Hoosier said, it depends on what kind of disability you have. Obviously, if it’s a physical problem, you want to avoid floor nursing in a hospital or LTC facility like the plague. Mental health concerns are another kettle of fish; nursing is very stressful no matter where you work, but some fields are better suited for a nurse with mental illness, such as case management and home health. (He or she should beware of jobs that require nighttime call, though.) Having a BSN will give you an advantage in your choice of employment, so it’s good you’re doing that. Best wishes to you for a great career!


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Thank you so much for your insight ?