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Hey all , I'm a Rn but still in university it's my second year i have took physical assessment class, introduction for nursing , physiology , chemistry , biology , anatomy, physical assessment lap , this semester i will take fundamental of nursing class and lap , pharma and general class for all student ,, know my point i'm weak in nursing diagnosis , if you ask me now what the nursing diagnosis for someone have an itching in his hand or a scarf in his hand ? for sure i do not know !! my doctor in physical class she say you will learn it in fundamental class but i can't wait to that time , so some help can you tell me names of book i can learn from it , and I don't know how to use the Nanda !


Wait... You're already an RN or you're a nursing student and will be an RN if you pass the boards? If you haven't taken fundamentals yet, I'm assuming you're not yet a nurse.

I'm going to be an RN .. i have two years to finish my study

Good post. My Arabic in nonexistent and I'd never have confidence to post in the second language I sort of speak.

nursing diagnosis statements are the bane of student nurses lives.

look at the problem, what could have caused it, how can you go about fixing it.

Well, nursing diagnoses probably won't make sense until you start your actual nursing courses, but Mosby's Nursing Diagnosis Handbook is a good investment.

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You really should take the RN off of your log-on. It is not appropriate to label yourself as an RN until you actually are.

I did not understand your first statement , you can speak Arabic ?

I take it off, Thank you for your note

I really appreciate it . :)

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