Nursing, is it a choice for me?


Hey guys I am a senior in high school and right now is the time to decide what I want to do in the future. I really don't know myself what I want to be, one day I want to be a chef and the other I want to be a civil engineer. However, my family and a lot of people I came across say my personality is great to be a nurse. At first I was like pfft I'm a man I cant be a nurse.(pardon my semi-sexism,) But afterwards I gave it some thought and maybe it is a choice for me. There is just so much I want to ask which is why I was brought to this site. This is my first ever forum. FYI I have no clue about anything else about nursing, the environment, the work, or anything. I just heard a lot of stereotypes. I am here to learn and explore the world of nursing to see if I would fit in. I would really appreciate it if you could further help me. Here is my email,

First off, what do you deal with? Is the job demand abundant? How much pressure is on a nursing student and a first time nurse? What options of nursing are there like what does a RN do? like I said Idk anything lol.

I have many questions to ask so lets start somewhere and the questions should come out.

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Your question is so big and broad that it is a little hard to answer. Nursing is a HUGE and varied field that includes many different types of jobs and roles for nurses. One nurse's job can look little like another person's job. But here is a website to help you start exploring some of the options. Hmm... I am having trouble getting the link to copy ... Go to ...

I couldn't get it to copy/paste, but when I typed it manually, it worked.

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Thank you so much for your tip, yeah I should do more research lol

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Hi there! Welcome to AN - there is a wealth of information for all things 'nursing'

In your investigation, I would also encourage you to look at other health care professions as well as nursing. The pre-requisite course requirements are very similar. The career outlook for nursing is a bit 'iffy' right now - overabundance of new grads, hospitals only hiring BSNs, uncertainty about the long-term effects of Health Care Reform on job availability, etc. Take a look at this site Healthcare Careers | It has a nice overview of all the different professions.

Best of luck to you.

Hi! I am a new grad nurse and I have started working in an emergency department at a large teaching hospital! So nursing is a great career for males to get into! You're experience could be different everywhere you work. It is important to find something that fits your personality! Whether you work in the OR, ICU, ER, home health, etc. there are so many roles of a nurse! If you decide to get a masters or doctorate degree you can be an educator, nurse practitioner (which is like a PA kind of I would do research on it), or Anesthesia. My advice would be to do some more research and contact a local hospital to see if you can shadow a nurse maybe several different nurses in different areas to get a better idea!

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Why does your family think you'd be a good nurse?

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Why does your family think you'd be a good nurse?

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because I have feminine qualities lol


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How about shadowing a nurse :) doing some volunteering. Another option would be becoming CNA, Certification is short and you can find out if patient care is your thing ;) (not that being a CNA is similar to an Rn but you can have an idea n work close to nurses)

Good luck