Nursing and chemistry!?


How is university chemistry compared to high school chemistry? What chemistry topics should I review before going to uni?


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It depends on the chemistry you take. There are several different ones. Nursing programs designate which is required.


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You can also request an old syllabus from the potential instructor you plan on taking the course from. But like pp said, the content varies by type of chem. In nursing, you will likely take basic chemistry (similar to high school) and perhaps organic chem. Course descriptions are also available on university websites.

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How is university chemistry compared to high school chemistry?
I didn't have to take chemistry for my associate of science degree in nursing. I took a watered-down version of biochemistry as part of my BSN degree completion program.


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I agree with the commuter.

chemistry is a prereq for the BSN program and the chemistry I would say could be general. Organic, inorganic, a combination of chemistry and bio integration course. It depends on what the program states for the chem requirement.

I would have to say that college chemistry is somewhat harder(subjective) than hs chemistry but it varies depending on what level chemistry course we're talking about.


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My program required 2 semesters or full blown chem, no watering down. It felt like what I remember of chemistry in high school, but a bit faster paced. Applying weird math to basic science principals, really. If you're strong at math and the application of it, you'll do just fine. If not, I recommend taking it during a lighter semester.