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Nursing charity working on toe nails?

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Are there any jobs or charities that work on elderly toe nails? Is this through a podiatrist or physician referral? This seems like such a needed service!

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Seen this in nursing home thru a podiatrist,litigious area the feet and nails,saw someone diabetic loose leg ,he never told podiatrist /chiropodist his diabetic history.

Our local VNA offers free toenail clipping clinics at senior centers. I always thought it was a bad idea considering the number of seniors who are diabetic, on blood thinners, have PVD, etc. I suspect they have participants sign waivers but it always seemed like a bad idea to me.


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For the UNcomplicated client, how is this any different than the person going to a local spa for a manicure???

Am sooooo thrilled. I was just home-visited by a podiatrist for routine toenail clipping. I'm housebound and can't make easy travel arrangements. I've been searching for a home-visiting practitioner for sooooo long, esp during this time of C19. Just needed simple care.

I would believe that ANY person attempting foot care would NOT be scissors-happy! And I would tend to think the VNA would have tried to prescreen and provide prudent care services with appropriate referrals as nec.


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In our state uncomplicated nail care is part of nursing scope of practice for RNs, who are supposed to know this sort of history and recognize a bad foot when they see it.



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