Yes I Would Recommend Nursing!

  1. So I'm browsing around and come across a thread "no, I wouldn't recommend nursing." At first I thought it was sarcasm, but to my dismay, i find 8 pages of nurses agreeing that nursing is an awful profession. And as much As I'd love to add some light to that thread of despair as some have tried, my words would only get drowned out by the negativity. So I've decided to start my own thread...

    YES I WOULD RECOMMEND NURSING! Nursing is a wonderful profession that gives you a feeling of self worth, and self accomplishment. It gives you an opportunity to touch the hearts of so many who need the compassion that the rest of the world had given up on. It gives you the knowledge to respond rapidly when somebody collapses in the middle of Safeway. Nursing gives you an appreciation to life that unfortunately not everyone will discover. So many complaints about nursing is cleaning up crap, but I find no shame in doing it because I don't see crap, I see somebody's grandmother, brother, son, who is already ashamed of themselves for needing the help, and it will be me standing there, assuring them that it's ok. Yes nursing may not be glamorous but it is humbling.

    A message to the contributors of "no I wouldn't recommend nursing": everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and we obviously have had different experiences to come to such different conclusions about nursing, but keep in mind nursing may not be for everyone, but it is for others. If you are unsatified with your job, do something about it. Whining about it accomplishes nothing. And telling somebody not to follow a career that wasn't right for you does not make your life any better, it only makes theirs complicated.

    A message to the nursing students: yes nursing is challenging. You'll find people who love it, you'll find people who hate it. My opinion- forget them all, it doesn't matter what we think about nursing... what do you think?
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  3. by   Jessy_RN
    Thank you! Light at the end of the tunnel for us students. I think you are right too.
  4. by   follower
    Here here!! Couldnt agree more!! Whilst yes, nursing can be a stressful job, long hours, bad pay etc etc, I cannot think of a more rewarding profession. However, I honestly believe that nursing is something that you are 'born' to do. I am not sure if that is the correct word, but in my experience, you can soon spot the people whose hearts are not in the job. I cannot imagine doing something I hated day in day out. Nursing gets enough of a bashing, its nice to see the positives sometimes
  5. by   veroskydr
    Thans for taking the time to write this and I could not agree more
    I am a nurse of 27 years and without hesistation would do it again!
    I am the proud mother of a student nurse who will graduate in just about 5 months and I am so pleased for her!

    As a current graduate student I am dismayed by the classmates I have that are much younger going on and on about how hard their job is and they "will do any other job just so they don't have to wipe butts."

    Once again I agree with you. For those of you on the negative side, please find another job. I am not sure that I want to burden you with having to wipe my butt or the butt of someone I love

    WE do so much more as nurses. Let's celebrate what we can do and be proud we have the skills to do so!
  6. by   bsngrad2be
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I saw that thread and was instantly annoyed because negativity breeds negativity and in today's world, we've got enough of that! It is so nice to hear someone say so many positive things about a field I, personally, could not be more thrilled about being a part of. I have a business degree and although I have decided that is not the field for me, I would never, ever tell someone not to do it if they were passionate (sp?) and excited about whatever field they chose. Thanks so much and to all those other future nurses out there letting the ney-sayers bring them down and instill doubts in their minds just plug your ears and sing the alphabet when they start talking!!!
  7. by   smilin_gp
    As a nursing student, thank you for posting (and others for contributing to) that thread! I'm hoping that there are many people with your positive view wherever I wind up working so I don't feel "peer-pressured" into devaluing my chosen career. I understand that there are many reasons that lead some to dislike the field, but I am glad to see that this is definitely not universal,
  8. by   NaomieRN
    I cannot wait to become a nurse and start helping folks. God has called me to become a nurse....I am planning to listen to the voice of God and start in September of this year

    Good luck to all the new nursing students out there. I wish you do well in all your classes so you can help with the nurses shortage. God Bless you all!
  9. by   clee1
    God Bless you, Jalvino1!!!

    I have wanted to be a nurse all my adult life, since being a medic in the service. I let the adversity of waiting lists and competetive admissions drive me into a career that I hated, and now, at long last, I am in school towards my dream.

    I saw the thread to which you are referring, and all I can say is: "If you hate nursing so much, get the heck OUT!!!" :angryfire

    Nursing is a calling, like the Clergy. Not everyone can or should do it. You SHOULD stay out of the field if you are mean-spirited, easily over-stressed, or are hyper-sensitive to the ranting and raving of others (patients, their family, colleagues, doctors).

    No, you'll never get rich as a floor nurse, but $25+ an hour is NOTHING to sneer at! I know hosts of people raising families on less than that!

    Thank you for starting this thread.
  10. by   Templar1961
    Thank you for posting this! This is very encouraging. The verdict seems to be split evenly between those who hate nursing and those who love it, so here's my question: how exactly do you know if you're "born" to do nursing?
  11. by   clee1
    Quote from Templar1961
    Thank you for posting this! This is very encouraging. The verdict seems to be split evenly between those who hate nursing and those who love it, so here's my question: how exactly do you know if you're "born" to do nursing?
    Simple: if you derive great personal satisfaction and fulfilment from assisting (hands-on) others to a greater quality of life; if your personality will allow you to shrug off undue criticism from others with obvious "issues"; if you can compartmentalize yourself so that work-related stress doesn't rule your life; if you can steel yourself to deal with the nastiest situations (blood, stool, other misc bodily secretions) and still maintain a helpful, caring attitude - then you were born to be a nurse.
  12. by   Lee-Lee
    Thank you for this thread.

    I'm a return-to-schooler, 26 yrs old, and preparing to begin work on my pre-reqs for nursing. This is a fairly big risk I'm taking because I can't really afford to just keep changing careers. Threads like that "No" thread terrify me and make me re-think my plan! I hate it.

    I want to be a nurse for several reasons. For practical reasons, pay, benefits, hours, and for altruistic reasons.

    I don't understand why people complain about nursing pay. I know salaries vary depending upon where you live, so that may play a part in it. But every nurse I know makes really good money. Not to mention that working for a hospital gives you access to hella benefits. Every nurse I know is making at least $50,000. I know of nurses making over $ 80,000! I can definately live on that!

    Hours? Working3 - 4 days on and 3 - 4 days off sounds great to me.

    Is it hard work? Absolutely. Guess what? Any job that you want to do well in will be HARD. It will be challening. There will be days when it absolutely sucks. There will be days when you just cant' deal with one more x. I'm not looking for an easy job.

    Plus, my plans don't end at being an RN. I plan to go on and become a Nurse Practitioner and potentially get an MPH. I want to go into public health. I don't plan to be in direct patient care for the next 20 years.

    So, hopefully, with an ever evolving career, I can avoid the burn out that comes from doing the same thing for many many years. I think any job I might be in, if I were doing it for 10 or 15 or 20 years, I think I'd probably hate it too, lol, no matter how fulfilling it might have once been. But that's just me.
  13. by   Lee-Lee
    To be fair, everyone needs to vent and I'd imagine this might become a comfortable place to do it.

    I love the job I have now (more or less) and I have to vent plenty about it. Doesn't mean I hate it.

    Watch, in a few years we will be the "negative nurses" on this board who love our jobs, but definately need some outlet to, well, ***** about the hard and sucky parts of the job. :wink2:
  14. by   mom and nurse
    Nursing is rough, hard work, dealing with bodily fluids and patients that can be grumpy (or more likely some family members who can be condescending... one family member had a favorite saying "hurry up, my mom needs to go to the bathroom....what did you go to nursing school for anyway?" (and I sighed with my little RN,BSN name tag and helped her mom to the bathroom for the umpteenth time because my poor overworked CNA had twice as many patients as me and would not be able to keep up with her mom's bladder...). ...but..

    every once in a while a patient or a family member gives a heartfelt thank you, or a patient who had been formerly flat on their back, comes back to the hospital to show how much they have improved since their amputation (walking with their prosthetic leg), or since their stroke, or etc (this happens often in rehabilitation nursing, especially at Christmas time), or I see my patient walk again for the first time since the stroke or the accident (during physical therapy), or a family member thanks me for listening through their tears about what their mom, dad, son or daughter used to be like before the stroke, spinal cord injury, accident or gunshot wound and you's not so bad being a nurse. I'm more satisfied now than the years I worked in the government as a secretary...pushing papers..answering phones...pushing papers....answering phones...

    Is nursing for everyone?...Nope....But it does have its rewards and the opportunities are numerous......

    mom and nurse