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Hey guys! So I need some advice. I have a problem. I am a new grad in a not so ideal work enviroment. At first I loveddddd my job. Its a night tele position at a smaller hospital. The reason I... Read More

  1. by   eastcoastrn586
    This is one of the reasons I decided to go back to the ICU. CNAs can be allowed to run the show if management allows it and oftentimes they do. It is a sad reality.
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from Amd3429
    You are right about them trying to get me back. As if the job hasnt been bad enough already- now if i go to management about it- i look like i tattled on them and they will def be out to get me as a new nurse. And im still learning! You dont think that other places will look down on just 6 months experience? I worry bc the company i work for monopolizes most of the city- other bigger trauma hospitals in the area are owned by them. Im afraid im really doing myself in by quitting this company so early in my career if i plan on living in this area for a long time.
    Other places WILL look down on just six months of experience AND -- and this is the kicker -- you may run into the same problems with CNAs there. You are right to worry about quitting this company early in your career, especially if you're planning to stay there.

    My best suggestion (and I learned this the hard way) is to try to repair your relationship with the CNAs in your current job. Yes, they're in the wrong; you're in the right and it's unfair. But you may run into this problem in the next hospital, too, so you might as well learn the fix now. I think it's geographical -- I never ran into these problems in the Pacific Northwest or in the Midwest, either. But every place I've worked on the east coast, it's a problem.

    You have to convince these gals that you really like them (whether you do actually like them or not doesn't matter) and that you're all on the same team. So greet them cheerfully in the morning and inquire about their families or hobbies or the hot date they had last night. Ask their advice about the best way to clean up this mess or that patient. If they start IVs, ask for tips on IV starts. (Even if you're a whiz at IV starts.) Ask for their help in straight cathing patient P -- and ask for tips at that. (If their job description covers these activities.) Ask them to introduce you to the housekeeping person or the guy from CS who knows where the premium supplies are hidden. Ask about the best place to go for pizza in their neighborhood or for directions to the best crab shack. (Or whatever). Treat them like people you like (whether you do or not) and people who are excellent resources (because they are). It may take a while for them to warm up to you after your rocky start, but when they do, you will find that most are excellent colleagues who will have your back when the next new grad with a snarky attitude comes around, will order you the softshell crab sandwich for lunch and walk over to pick it up on one of their many breaks and will talk you up to other CNAs, management and charge nurses.
  3. by   slauren
    When I was a brand new nurse, my first job was at a rehab and I butted heads with the CNAs, a lot similar to your situation. My best advice would be to *try* to get along with everyone there especially the nurses/staff that are buddies with those CNAs. Try to recognize how the nurses who get along best with them treat the CNAs. See if you notice that they communicate with them differently, do you nag them? Do you ask more of them compared to the other nurses? The CNAs might be burnt out but they shouldn't be mean to you. If the CNA is at break and you have the chance to talk alone, just talk from the heart truly and see to reach an understanding and get their perspective. Sometimes how people "word" their requests can make a big difference on how others react. I ended up staying at the rehab for 3.5 years and I got the CNAs respect cause they learned I was stronger than I looked. Don't give up so fast, try to adapt and do what you can for a little while. Good luck!
  4. by   slauren
    Another thing, I'm not sure how experienced you are as a nurse. If you are brand new, I notice it usually takes about a year for most nurses to get "settled" working as a nurse. Meaning, getting time management down, quick assessments, good pace with med pass, and general confidence as a health care professional. When I look back at myself as a new nurse, I came a long way from how I started! It's really a growing process but sometimes the tough co-workers can teach you the most at recognizing your weaknesses, give it some time and you some time to get the swing of things.
  5. by   Amd3429
    Just wanted to give an update.
    Things have gotten better for now! Hallelujah
    Management finally backed me up and talked with the problem child. Since then, I have had no problems. We can actually work together as a team as it should be. My supervisor told her "she has been hired to assist the nurses, not the other way around." My supervisor told me that if I have any problems, which I shouldn't, to come talk to her again. She also recognized the fact that people "change" temporarily in order to apease the manager but shortly there after go back to their old ways and if I start noticing that- to come tell her again and thats she is not afraid to fire anyone. This was a relief to me to be supported by her. She just fired two other CNAs for their lazy, rude behavior which sent a clear message to the one that was bullying me. I will say though, on a side note, I was getting along with every single one of the aids (even the ones from other floors than i seldomed worked with) minus the two on dayshift. I did go out of my way to talk to them, ask about their personal life, and form true relations with them. They all love me and we cut up often. I this this internally pissed off the one bully CNA bc she wasnt able to successfully recruit them to hate me. Either way, for now my shifts are bearable and I have decided to stay. Many other older nurses told me that the turn-over rate is very high on my unit for a reason. We need more teamwork. If things revert back to before, I will reassess my situation then.
  6. by   NurseBlaq
    Glad things are improving. Thanks for the update.