What I am about to describe is the real problem in nursing it is: #1: It's the nurse who charts on their lunch break.(why? Because they cave into upper mgt. to be more efficient.) #2: The nurse... Read More

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    Good for you Wildtime. What you have written is way too true. We can really be a pathetic breed can't we? mud
    Originally posted by wildtime88:
    It is about time. I was wondering when people were going to start to get angry about how we are treated We are treated worse than second class citizens. Unfortunantly, we have allowed it to happen. There are so many passive individuals in our profession that will not even stick up for themselves. You know the type. They are the ones that run and hide anytime someone from administrtion comes around. But they are not the worse of the bunch. The ones who really get to me are the ones that stand around and complain and are not willing to do anything about it. The ones that are always saying that someone needs to do something about this. The ones who run to someone else to solve their problems for them. They are always expecting someone to step in on their behalf instead of dealing with it directly. and they are the first ones to run away when confronted directly. Is it not time to stand up for our selves and take matters into our own hands? We could accomplish more in one day than has been accomplished in the last one hundred years. We could accomplish more than the ANA has since it's inception without having the money that they have had to work with. We do not need any other organizations like the Million Nurses March to go lobbying to congress. A lot of people do not know that is there game plan. One or the board members has even refered to it as the Million Nurses Voice. The ANA is planning for national lobbying day. So in reality, what is the difference? We need a new direction. We need a movement to stand up for ourselves. We need to simply all come together in one place at one time and say "I refuse to take this any longer". Not just to be heard but also to be felt.

    If you are interested in standing up for yourselves and actually saying "I refuse to take it anymore" then come and read the posts from the beginning at the discussion at
    Invite anyone else that you know that feels the same way you do to go there.

    How can we say that we are in control of our profession if we are asking everyone else to fix it for us?

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    Here's a sample "assignment under protest" form from Oregon:

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    We need to unionize, and NOW!!! The suits in charge tell us that professionals don't unionize. I know of no other "professionals" who have to wear uniforms and punch a timeclock. Can you imagine if they tried to lay that kind of crap on the MDs? Or the beancounters? Or the DONs? If nurses would ALL band together, we might be able to accomplish something. Can you imagine if we went on strike and the suits had to do patient care?
    And I'm just dredging up ten-year-old resentments. We can do it!
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    For a generic 'Assignment Despite Objection'
    form go to
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    I agree!! And we you decline to take an unsafe patient load, they talked amongst themselves about how incompetent you arej!!! Well guess what!!! I busted my butt for my license and I plan on KEEPING IT!!!