Swedish Medical Center Residency December 2018

  1. Hi all!
    I recently applied for the RN residency program at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. I also did the Hirevue interview sent to me a few days ago.

    Just wanted to start a thread on applicants for the residency program or those who have experience with this hospital.

    Anyone know the timeline from online interviews to receiving second interviews with the managers?

    Any input would be great!
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  3. by   RNOC17

    I applied on August 11 and completed hirevue A week later. Since then I have received 2 emails from the associate recruiter updating those who completed hirevue about the expected timeline. As of now, they still don't have a final count on which units will be hiring Rn residenents but there are a lot less positions than expected. She said she anticipated setting up interviews with the hiring managers the second week of September. I havnt heard anything else but she said once the numbers are finalized, she would sent out another update. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
    Have you heard anything?
  4. by   islander_bsn
    As for updates, I only received the email last week regarding the reduced number of positions open for the December cohort. I applied sometime earlier last week and completed my Hirevue interview over the weekend, so I'm hoping to get a response from it soon.

    So we should be hearing back from them this week if we get a second interview with the department manager? Let me know if you get contacted for a second round! I'm so nervous lol
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  5. by   RNOC17
    I hope so! What unit did you choose as your top choice? I think that might affect when we hear back as well. I chose NICU.

    I will be sure to post if I hear anything. Im super nervous too!!!
  6. by   islander_bsn
    I chose Telemetry as my top choice and ER as my second!
  7. by   islander_bsn
    Hey so I wasn't able to PM you back because the comp says I have less than 15 posts. I haven't heard anything back yet, hopefully we hear sometime next week?
  8. by   RNOC17
    No worries! I was trying to figure out if my message sent or not, the PM thing is kinda confusing haha
    Still no updates for me either for Swedish or multicare. Hopefully this week!!!
  9. by   rnca2018
    I asked the other day to see if the second round of interviews were already decided and turns out they are still working on it. Don't give up hope yet!
  10. by   RNOC17
    That's good news!!! Did they happen to say how many positions they were hiring for?
  11. by   islander_bsn
    That's great news! I thought I was already off the running since it passed almost two weeks from my online interview :') Yes did they ever say how many positions were open?
  12. by   rnca2018
    I know I was freaking out, too!! I thought it was a no but decided to ask just in case. She didn't provide any updates on openings. All I got was that they still haven't been able to set up interviews with hiring managers yet but that they should know soon! I applied to L&D (1st choice)/ED btw
  13. by   AxelNewRN86
    Are any of you already working as RNs as you wait to hear back?
  14. by   RNOC17
    No I'm not.. I was afraid of starting to work and then not being considered a new grad for the residencies but I will probably try and find something if I don't get anything soon. What about you?