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I was wondering, since I'll be in this position soon. I've come to believe that RN's get paid about 40,000 a year right out of graduate school, which averages to about 20.00 to 22.00 dollars an hour,... Read More

  1. by   DonB,RN
    I make 21.00/hr. and feel nurses are greatly underpaid. I work a week-end option job, which pays me for 36 hrs. after working 24 hrs. So I'm actually making 31.50/hr. I couldn't stomach making a penny less!
  2. by   hpyrn
    Hey malestudent, I live right down the road from you, I am currently making 19.50 an hr. but at one of the local hospitals, not the one in your town, I made 24.50 an hr. for night shift, it wasnt worth it and I went back to the ECF working days,its all about what you need and want, I am asking for a raise this week, and am due to get one on my annual this June. Cant pay enough for what we do, so look for perks otherwise. we get paid for lunch plus they provide a hot, good meal. we love male nurses at my place, good luck!
  3. by   wiegel34
    Hi, I work in a small town rural hospital and the starting wage is 16.00 for R.N.,s after 5 years you go to 23.00 an hour. Then you only get raises when the administration feels generous. But it is nice to work only minutes from home.
  4. by   bernarma
    I am a little removed from what starting is.... but I am certain it is lower "out there" as on the west coast, I was started at a step 4 (with experience) and made $24 plus differential for nights and weekends.

    There was a new contract signed a few months back and I am now up to almost $40 on the weekends. And when you sign up to be considered for call back, time and a half shifts... it is very nice! Look at the Bend Oregon area..... (they have a great program for new grads) and

    Advice regarding benefits should be considered! Valuable advice as well. And if you are interested in supplementing your income (then or now) email me and I will send you in a directon that is relished by medical people. Easy money and a fun way to utilize your medical knowledge. (of course people w/o medical knowledge can learn it as well)

    Good luck in whatever you do and where ever your career may take you.
  5. by   uk_nurse
    Here in the uk newly qualified nurses get 16,000 per annum. There is discussions going on about this as compared to other professions our pay is the lowest. Police start at 18,000 per annum and goes up after one year and teachers get more or less the same pay as the police if not more.
    Our working conditions are not too good either. so you can understand why people leave nursing or dont consider it. I know pay is not just the issue but it helps. I enjoy caring for the children in my care and it is very rewarding, but compared to other professions we are on the bottom of the list. Is this fair? i am in my final year as a student and due to qualify soon but i know things will still be the same.
    I have considered coming to work and live in the USA. I know your pay is not good either, but its a thing i would love to do. You have to enjoy nursing because its not a profession you go into if you only consider money.

  6. by   oh-agnurse
    I work at 3 different facilities as a staff RN--all within 20 miles of each other. At one I make $20.89 (after 3 yrs.), the other $14.85 (after 1 yr.), and the other $20.00 just starting. I have a BSN with no pay increase for that. All places are unionized. You have to take into account the benefits. At one facility that I make $20.89, if you work any off shift, or on the weekends work any extra shift you make $10.00 more an hour, which works well for part-timers like me.
  7. by   ernurse728
    As an ED nurse in MD I am making $20.45/hr in a day shift position and have been a nurse for 3 yrs. Our starting salary is around $19.00/hr for a new get a extra .50 cents/hr if you have a BSN plus we all get evening,weekend and night differential.
  8. by   Cynthia2bRN
    I know that from some of the Nurses here in Western Indiana are starting out at 22.50/hour, then I have heard from some Nurses that when they went to Central Indiana that they are making around 30.00 to 45.00/ hour, depending what unit you are working on.