Single mom's? Advice needed

  1. I am a single mom going back to school for my 4 year BSN. I wanted to see if any of you were single parents while attending nursing school. If so what kind of advice do you have??? What tips for financing my education and taking care of my child can you give.

    I really appreciate your taking the time to read/answer this post.

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  3. by   granolagirl
    hang in there, when you least expect it a door will open, dont give up.
  4. by   kes42006
    Thanks!!!! :-)
  5. by   Lisa CCU RN
    My personal advice is to take out loans and forget about working during your actual nursing courses. I did work during pre-reqs ( 2 16's on the weekends) but during nursing school, heck no.

    I did get a position as a nurse extern, but I only go during breaks and in the summer. I am actually going to school in 07 during the summer, so I probably won't be going much then.

    I am taking out loans and this allows me to not have to work. I spend one entire weekend day with my kids and the other morning with them. I let housework slip and I focus on school and them as priorities.

    That's my advice in a nutshell.
    take things one day at a time.

    Good Luck.
  6. by   nursemn
    hang in there i'm a mom to,i would appreciate any suggestions from anybody regarding getting your rn, where to get grants, loans , what you do for day care
  7. by   pRepariNgME2009
    I am a mother of a six month old and fortunately I finished school while I was pregnant, but I catch the devil trying to study when she is awake. What I did to get through school was I asked my department if they had any disadvantage scholarship money. Its usually 1-3K per year. Also in the summer they may have some office work for someone to do such as decorating bulliten boards or something they feel students can do. I also filled out for school loans throuh fafsa. I would not reccommend taking out loans for bills bc bills dont stop however you will have to start paying back the loan you took out for the bill with in a month or so. then you will be stuck with two bills to pay. Work as a nurse tech through school. that way you will be getting experience in your field an making money.
  8. by   pRepariNgME2009
    Just hang in there and remember if it worth having its worth fighting and struggling for. You can do it.
  9. by   pRepariNgME2009
    i also see you are a medical transcriptionist. Have you tried doing it from home. Study through the week and on the weekend do your transcribing if you can. You can find ways to twork any thing you need/want.
  10. by   Halinja
    I'm a single Mom in my last year of my BSN program. If there is ANY way you can avoid working, I'd advise that. Talk to your financial aid office at the school. Pell grants, state grants, subsidized student loans are all accessible through the financial aid office. (and some scholarships). Check out the website for the department of health and human services scholarship...
    They offer money and a monthly stipend for a committment to work in underserved areas for a year or two or three.

    My children had to learn to pick up some of my slack. Do more for themselves, even if it was just pick up their own socks. My youngest now knows how to do a load of laundry if he wants his 'favorite' pants to wear the next day. An older child learned to cook. The house isn't as clean. The dinners aren't as complex. Weekends are no longer time for relaxation and entertainment, though I do try and take SOME time with the kids. We go out to a burger place once in a while and make it a BIG occasion. And I haven't much of a social life...but its almost over. My older boys have moved out, but its still working. I'm amazed, we survived!
  11. by   Lacie
    Hang in there and go for it. As others have stated do the best you can not to work once you start your primary nursing cirriculum. I worked weekends and holiday breaks only during that time. Also I worked at the beginning of the semesters at registration for the college for a few extra bucks. I found out I was pregnant in my first semester of working on my BSN and my son was 3 years old when I graduated. He was also asthmatic and hospitalized several times during my track through college. I was surprised at how many of the other students understood my situation and never was short of babysitters for study time either. I was very fortunate in this area. There were times I had to take my son to classes with me in his stroller when I was stuck with no other choice other than to miss class. Fortunately I also had instructors who understood this and grateful he tended to sleep through those classes peacefully. Now or then he would spurt something out that gave a break for a good laugh for everyone. It was a long haul but it can be done. Makes me sick to hear people say " I have children so I cant do this or cant do that" when it comes to education. If I did it anyone can. Also my family lived over a thousand miles from me so I didnt have that support available.
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  12. by   jemommyRN
    I would say make sure your child stays on a bedtime schedule. Sometimes its hard to keep the schedule but if your child is used to staying up all hours of the night, you'll never get any study time in. If you put your kid on a routine, then you will have extra time to do what you need to do.
  13. by   Jarnaes
    Once you start clinicals make sure you have good childcare that's open early in the AM- We had to be at clinical by 0630 and we could not be late no matter what. The school didn't care about your family situation.
    Hang in there, study hard and good luck to you.
  14. by   peaceful
    I was a single mom to 3 children while in nursing school. Not easy, but step by step one can do it. I took out every grant, applied for many scholarships and got every loan possible. This helped me to pay my bills, rent, and food. I worked very part time for a home health agency. You will study day and night, 7 days a week while in school. I recommend only working a few hours a week, devote all other time to school and children. Forget doing housework. I would study early in the am while kids still sleeping. Many times studied at the playground while children played. You learn to get very creative on how to study. I owe large amount in school loans now but work full time. I just did not buy brand new car like many new RNs do, my loans are low interest. For example I am paying about $158.00 a month on $30,000 thousand in school loans for a BSN. Good luck.