Should I accept my dream job over my other offer?

  1. Ok so I accepted an offer for a new graduate position 2 weeks ago. Its Robotic surgery oncology (med surg). I like that I live closer to it, its an interesting unit. It pays 24/hr with a 2.65 night differential and a raise @ 6mo. I loved the manager and the unit wasn't too shabby. However, another company has offered me a position (med surg oncology). I don't actually care about the money aspect, but this job does pay more at 26/hr with a 4 differential. Its downtown so the traffic would SUCK. However, they are a Magnet hospital, and there was a point in time where I was actually a patient here so I do have some history with this hospital and I really liked those nurses.

    However, I am not sure what to do. I didn't think the Magnet hospital would actually offer me a position too because they don't hire many people. I like both hospitals, and I don't want to burn bridges. Both positions start in 2 months. I would take my nclex in one month
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  3. by   RNperdiem
    Would the small bit of extra money at the downtown hospital go towards paying for parking or some form of mass transit? Downtown and big university hospitals rarely have free parking.
  4. by   Southpawdown
    I'd say go w/your first choice (& what it sounds like your gut is telling you to do) - the first job you mentioned. The downtown traffic would add a layer of stress and also be an unpredictable factor in getting to/from work. The difference in pay is not that significant and as far as a Magnet status..years ago that was alllll the rage but frankly, at least the communities where I live, have excellent hospitals and none are magnet and I have worked for magnet ones in the past and didn't see any difference.
  5. by   gees_rn
    Commute time is so important to me. It's a huge quality of life factor that you don't always consider until it's taken you 1.5hrs to get home after nightshift more than a few times.

    However I understand the draw of more money. You decide what's more important to you and if you make the "wrong" choice you know in the future (which is how I know about the commute time regrets.)
  6. by   hherrn
    This seems easy, as money is acceptable at both, though there is a significant difference. If you want more money, pull the occasional extra shift in the place you like better. Without the traffic.
    Seems like the only draw (so to speak) to the second place is magnet status. Is that really much of a draw?