plus & minuses to nursing

  1. I am thinking about entering the nursing field. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a nurse? I keep hearing nursing is challenging excatly how is it? I like the idea of working helping people, and I read medical books in my spare time. I would be especially interested in hearing from anyone who has worked as a nurse and in another profession.
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  3. by   sierranic
    Although I cannot answer this as a pro, I can try to give you some insight about what may be challanging. My sister is a nurse, and she tends to tell horror stories about how she has to pick up the slack from the other shifts of nurses. For instance, there was a patient of hers that had just had major surgery, and during the night she became unresponsive (around 4 am), when my sister came in at 7am, the night nurse had told her that the patient was unresponsive, so my sister asked "Did you call the doctor", the nurse stated she had done nothing, basically just leaving the patient alone. My sister rushed into the room, started to shake her a little to see if maybe she was in a deep sleep, but still no response (remember this is now 3 hours after she became unresponsive) so my sister called the DR, and boy did she hear a mouth full from him, he stated "why didn't anyone call me?". To make a long story short, she had an anerisim (spelling sorry) in the brain and caused to her to basically bleed to death, she died later that day. The thing that was upsetting to my sister is that she had to listen to the DR vent every frustration he had out on her, although she did everything she should have done right!! I'm sure that can be extrellemy frustrating.

    Some other things may be like the ungrateful or unstable patients, you could have some that spit on you, yell at you, possibly try to inflict some type of bodily harm, those could make it very stressful as well!!

    You have to remember you are putting your life on the line for these people, you could very easily contract some type of deadly disease if your not careful.

    But there are many aspects to nursing that can make it challanging, and I only speak of what I have heard, I am not a nurse yet, but someday hope to.
  4. by   Erin RN

    24/7 you are able to get a job that you can tailor to fit your needs and your life.

    Changes in environment: Hospital nursing, home nursing, school nursing, office nursing, work from home, work for ins company, work for attorney, work for a pharmaceutical company with clinical research/ trials..not many professions can you choose from so many different arenas in which you can practice.

    Education: Unlimited!! ADN, BSN, MSN, educator, nurse practitioner, nurse atty, lobbiest, CRNA, Clinical nurse specialist. You can continue your education to take you in so many different is pretty much endless.

    Emotional: Helping to save lives, helping to birth babies, helping people to die with dignity, educating the public. making a difference!!

    Teamwork: Being part of the healthcare team especially incritcal care areas is very satisfying.

    Great MDs!!


    Healthcare politics

    Nurse to patient ratios

    sore feet/ sore back/ tired eyes

    seeing horrendous things you never knew people would be capable of. (ER here)

    frustration in not being able to "help" everyone...since our definition of "help" is usually based upon our own experience.

    Having to face your own mortality.. that was a hard one for me.

    Overall, I see nursing as a positive field and yes, you will run into nurses that hate life and their jobs but that is universal.

    Grumpy MDs

    **BTW** I noted that the previous poster stated we could easily contract horrible disease by taking care of patients..not true!! Universal precautions are very effective when followed. We are exposed to various bodily fluids and other bugs but as long as you have a healthy respect for them, you will be fine.
  5. by   itsme
    One of the things that i think some people who want to come into nursing do not realize is that you work all different shifts, and weekends, and holidays. We get new nurses fresh out of school and some actually think that they should not have to work weekends, holidays or evening or night shift. I bet therre arent many nurses out there who have not worked day shift christmas Eve, evening or nights on 4th of july, or on there kids birthday.
  6. by   Noney
    Excellent post Erin RN!

    The best thing about nursing is the variety. If you like what you are doing you can do something else and still be a nurse.

    I'm a lifer.

  7. by   RRH
    Thank you everybody. You have all been a great help
  8. by   lyv33
    A career in nursing is not for everyone. If you are not sure, I would suggest possibly volunteering at a hospital, hospice, or nursing home. I have to say that when I started nursing I was much more enthusiastic. I have noticed lately that I as I get older, that I am becoming more depressed. I was never like this before. I used to be very outgoing and happy. I truely believe that nursing has contributed to my depression. I am considering a career change totally out of nursing.
  9. by   nurturing_angel
    Nursing is all I have ever done. From high school graduation to nurses RN. I have loved it all. But as I get older, I too find myself thinking about a career change. Bedside nursing does take a toll on your body and I find it harder to do the standing, lifting, pulling, stooping, etc. And the grumpy doctors have got to go. I have had my fill of them! Not to say all doctors are grumpy cause I have met some wonderful, caring doctors who would do anything I asked to help me learn along the way.
    I am not sure if I want to pursue more education and stay in nursing but move away from the bedside....or just change all together.