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I'm new to this site, so I don't know if this has been discussed before or not. I'm thirty years old, and I have wanted to get into the Nursing field since I graduated from High School. For mostly... Read More

  1. by   nate
    I'm currently 25 yrs old. By the time I finish my pre req's I'll be 28 and applying for the nursing program. Go for it's never to late.
  2. by   BarbaraC
    I am 45 going on 46 and am considering a mid-career change into nursing. I will have to take some refresher courses since my chemisty and physiology are 20 years out of date, so that will add a year to the process.

    You're not too old!! If it is your dream, then go after it.

  3. by   susanmary
    You write you've wanted to be a nurse for many years -- try to job shadow nurses in different roles to see what nurses really do (rather than the "image" of nursing.) There are many opportunities out there in nursing. You are a great age to start your nursing career. I graduated from nursing school in my late late late 30's -- it was the PERFECT time for me & I still don't feel old or consider myself old (but sometimes my feet do.) Go for it -- try to job shadow first. Take a prereq course to get your feet wet. And if you do decide to go to nursing school -- surround yourself with supportive classmates & stay away from the terminally negative ones. Do if for you -- follow your dreams.
  4. by   lncmitch
    I don't think you are ever to old to do anything. As a matter of fact I think that the older the better. It seems as if the older students going into nursing are doing it for the right reasons. I went into nursing straight out of high school to a BSN program...I was born to be a nurse. However, I don't notice this type of commentment very much among the youngsters going into nursing. As a matter of fact I have a young friend that I am trying to talk out of going into nursing...she would just mess the field up more so than it is now...She says she has no intention of taking care of any sick people...she just wants to go into nursing because of the flexible hours, steady source of income and because you "can do so many different things with it" She may have the brains for it..but there ain't no heart and you gotta have a whole lotta heart to be a nurse.....
  5. by   Future RN in WA
    Don't ever think you are too old. I am 33 (almost 34) and am starting the program this fall. I will be 36 when I am done, but it is worth it. This decision has changed everything for me. Most of all I am working toward my goals and there is no feeling in the world that is quite like this one.

    GO FOR IT! And enjoy every minute.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Graduated in 1997 at 34.......hey i would have been 34 whether i went to school or not...i prefered to be 34 AND have my RN degree. Look at it that way. You will get you want to be older AND an RN or just be older? WHAT'S STOPPING YOU????? don't be afraid, go for it!
  7. by   Brita01
    Hi shellntx. I'm 34 and an LPN. I need to start taking prerequisites for the RN program, get into the RN program, find a boyfriend, get married, AND have kids. much time do I have again?
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    shell, you aren't too old to be a nurse.

    i was 31 when i graduated from lpn school and if it is the lord's will, i will graduate from rn school at the age of 43. all the best to you and as always, keep the faith!
  9. by   dstudent
    Hi Shell,

    I'm a nursing student in New Zealand and started last year at the age of 30 and our programme here runs for three years to become a registered nurse and four years if you wish to specialise in a specific field.

    I also had an issue only withmyself thinking that I was too old to go back and it turned out that 30 was the average age at the uni that I attend.

    But don't give up because if you want it bad enough you'll get through it all.

    Good luck and best wishes
  10. by   mececil
    discipline is key to any sucess story, as you well know; remember life is going to happen it is within those that stand fast win
  11. by   cpgrn
    I started pre-req's at 36 and graduated RN at 41. You work a lot harder when your older and have some life experience to lean on. Follow your dream and don't worry about age. At 30 you're still very young for this.
  12. by   mececil
    Thankyou for your response, altough, you may have been missed informed. i am a student workng on my pre-rec; however, i'malso well into my 40's age doesn't matter to me in this regard. I have found it to be an asset.
  13. by   RedKat
    Hi shellntx! Here's some more support coming your way...

    Go for it! I'm going to be 35 in May and have decided to change careers to go into nursing. This is going to be an EXTREME career change for me, and I'm terrified but excited! I'm hoping to take some of my electives & non-nursing classes part time starting this summer, then get into the actual nursing classes full time in the fall of 2004 (going for an ADN).

    When I was first out of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and nursing didn't even cross my mind. I basically chose a nearby state college and threw darts at their list of degrees offered! Definitely not a good way to do it, although I was very fortunate to have ended up with a career that I have enjoyed so far. Even if I had considered nursing, I know I wouldn't have made it back then. I was not a serious student at the time (WOW, Mom & Dad aren't looking over my shoulder any more!) and would definitely have failed out of such a rigorous program.

    But now I desperately want a career change, and am really excited about getting into nursing. Although I'm nervous, I know that I am ready for the challenge and will do much better now than I would have at 18. Sometimes, the timing just has to be right, and now is the time for me.

    Best of luck to you!!!