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Hi everyone, I am 48 years old and have been in college for two years. I made the decision that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing. I was accepted to a wonderful school with a full... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Nursing is hard physical work. I'm 38 and have had several back injuries. I can hardly do it some days. It may be too hard on you physically.
  2. by   Grace Oz
    As the saying goes; "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...... So too; "Age is a state of mind!"
    Believe in yourself & pursue your dreams. We have but one life to live.Enjoy the journey, never mind about the destination. No matter the eventual outcome, you'll have had a go! Go for it & my very best wishes go to you.
    Grace ( who's over 50 & still going strong!) LOL
  3. by   Noney
    One of the amazing things about nursing is that you can walk into any nursing class anywhere at any time and find students of varying ages.
    When I was went to LPN school we had a son and father in our class. When I returned for my RN we had a son and mother!
  4. by   PlanetCaroline
    Glad you have decided to follow your dream. Following our passions keeps us young. As someone who has faced some nasty depressions, I know that I have to keep moving, taking risks, and trying new things.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

  5. by   jnette
    Hi there !

    Just want to let you know that I started school at 50. Graduated last December at 53, and passed boards in March of this year.

    If it's what you want and dream of, it's never 2 late ! I, too, have always had that "knack" for all things medical, and have been employed in the medical field in one form or another nearly all my life. I never let go of my dream... yes, it was late, but better late than never!
  6. by   suzannasue
    My grandmother was 52 when she graduated from nursing school and passed her boards. Her career lasted until she was 78 years old and was called even after she retired to work prn. She worked at a LTC facility and could keep up with any/all of the younger nurses. In fact, in her spare time, she would go into the locker room and polish the nurses shoes. During her 60's she became very involved in her state nursing association and was elected to an office because she had so many ideas for improvement within the profession. She was an inspiration to many of the younger nurses because she was patient, kind and very knowledgeable...not only about the technical things but she set an example of compassion for others. She worked night shift , so I guess that's where I inherited my love for nights...she was at my graduation from nursing school and although I did not graduate with "honors"...her presence there gave me strength and I truly felt I was indeed honored that day to have her cheering for me. My parents and children were also there and I truly felt blessed that day.
    While in school, my best friend and study pal was 48 years old. She was a great inspiration to me...we spent many an evening studying,drinking coffee...she was my hero and she said I kept her "young at heart"...
    Follow your dreams...you never know who may be out there looking for an answer that only YOU can give ...a kind word, a pat on the back, ...
    Best wishes to you...keep us posted on your decision !!!!
  7. by   PennyNickelDime_RN

    Thank you for your kind words of inspiration. Your grandmother must have been one great lady!

    In between my excitement and nervousness about starting at a new school in the fall, I am looking forward to it and wish I could start today.

    Good luck to you in your future endeavors and thank you again for your post.
  8. by   GARYLPN
    I started college from scratch at 47, am now going on 51 with my LPN license and will be starting 3rd semester nursing to hopefully get my RN by next spring.

    I also went into first semester nursing when I was 47 with a woman who was 53..........you're not too old..........!!!
  9. by   GraceyB
    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!! If you really want to do this, I think you should. Don't use age as an excuse for anything. Go for it, go for it, go for it.

    If you have any physical problems, then that may put a little damper on things such as late night studying and being your on feet during practice and clinicals. Only you know how far you can push your body.
  10. by   4loveoflife
    Do it Sprklplnty...and don't ever look back!!
  11. by   PennyNickelDime_RN
    Thanks to all for your encouragement! I'm going to move ahead full throttle.

  12. by   maureeno
    the average age of nurses
    at my job
    is 48...

    I am in my fifties
    working at the bedside
    I get tired
    but stay fit..
    I am not certain I could work at pace fulltime..

    your BSN will open doors to many options
    I'm with those who advise
    you pick carefully