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It's to bad you feel this way I work in the E.R.and am constantly exposed to hiv, hepatitis,and a host of other diseases you can protect yourself. Why did you really go into nursing ws it for the... Read More

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    I see Nursedudes point. Haven't you all noticed the trend? RN's are being replaced slowly but surely in every facility by techs. They are taking more and more roles, skills and responsibilities away from the nurses to give OJT to "techs". Most have no college education. They learn by other "techs". It's happening allover. Very slowly but surely, nursing will not be nursing in a few years! They will live without us. Or without us but a token few around. Times are a changin and not for the good!
  3. by   MrsK1223
    I would not recommend nursing to anyone at this time.
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    maia 1212-
    That was very succinct! Care to elaborate?
  5. by   MrsK1223
    Originally posted by kona2
    maia 1212-
    That was very succinct! Care to elaborate?
    Sure. I will elaborate. HMMMMM lets see:
    1) Unbelievable working conditions
    2) Inadequate pay = to amount of responsibility
    3) Lack of respect from anyone for the most part
    4) No support from government or administration of healthcare facilities
    Thats just some basics we all experience at some point or time. In my particular area it is horrible and I haven't met a nurse around me that hasn't asked me this very question, "why in the hell did you go into nursing?" The local hospital can't keep new grads or even seasoned nurses including my mother who is now looking to go anywhere,pay cut and all.

    I'm not saying nursing itself is bad, I'm just saying I would not encourage family or friends to go into it at this time. There are really better ways to make a living unless that person knows without a shadow of a doubt that it's for them and they know exactly what they are walking into. I didn't know the conditions nurses were working in until I was half way thru school. And we are doing this for a living despite what some of the nursing martyrs say.
  6. by   PhePhe
    Is pretty sad that in 2003 an RN can go work at an entry level position in pharmaceutical clinical research and make at least $50K a year. They appreciate the medical and clinical experience has. Thats what I did in 1990!
  7. by   Jay-Z
    Look. to all of ou who are saying Nursing is c**p need to get real. tell me why you went into Nursing in the first place. and try to tell me that deep down it ain't rewarding. And don't even try to tell me that the changes and advancements in our career happened overnight. Please. If you want the Nursing problems of all countries to be solved then y'all need to stop your whining and get back what you owe yourself from years of Nursing
    Self respect
  8. by   Tilleycs
    Has it occured to anyone that if you DID make more money, there will STILL be people in other fields (some of whom have *gasp!* less formal education) who make more money than you? What will you do then? Not be happy until you're the highest paid profession on earth?

    I understand that you want to make more money, but EVERYONE wants to make more money, and everyone can justify it based on their importance. They can all make a lot of the same arguments you make.
  9. by   mludwig
    Well I have just joined this organization and this is my first reply to anything.
    I am not in nursing for the money. I have worked multiple other professions before going to college for nursing. I started college at 32, with two small children and a pain in the butt new ex husband. I have been a nurse for six years. I have worked med/surg, nursing homes, prn staff, ICU and am currently an ER nurse.
    I am in nursing because I love nursing. I voluntarily take all the student, the orientees, and the difficult doctors and/or patients. I feel that nurses are special people and are usually called to care for others. I work overtime.
    I take care of a very ill father-in-law at home and have four young adult children and a new husband. I work almost straight night shift since my husband works straight days so that someone is here with my father-in-law around the clock.
    But I would recommend nursing to any one with the calling to become a nurse. Caring for others is the best and most rewarding calling that I can imagine and I hope some day to become a nursing instructor- when I am no longer able to do the hard but rewarding tasks of floor/hospital nursing.
    I love my job- there are days that I cry, but the rewards outweigh the down sides.
  10. by   NancyRN
    The title of this thread is "NURSING is Pathetic", not "NURSES Are Pathetic".

    Some of you just don't get it. The complaints here are from nurses who DO care. We're angry because we WANT to give good care and have been given impossible workloads. It isn't rewarding when you know you aren't working under safe conditions and you know you should be doing more.

    mludwig, if you take care of your sick father in law during the day, after working all night (and overtime!) when do you sleep? Remember, taking care of yourself is the first rule for a caregiver.
  11. by   ctrayford
    Hi everyone, I've been contemplating nursing school because I enjoy being a part of the healing process and, for practical/economical reasons, I am 25, single,no kids and would like to be earning more than $10/hr. There isn't any other area that interests me more than healthcare. However, after reading a lot of the comments in this thread, I am now becoming deathly afraid of the idea of becoming a nurse. Quite frankly right now, I'm really struggling with what to do....

    I'm open to any input...
  12. by   deathnurse
    "As a psych nurse, I have a potentially dangerous, albeit exciting vocation. My husband has a great job, so I can afford low pay in order to enjoy my chosen (low pay ) profession."
    Nola Nurse

    Well, this statement just about raps it all up. Nola, you are soooo subservient, a managers dream-date, and the reason for the "professions" troubles. Please tell your friends.

    Thank you, thank you Nola, for squeezing this nursing "professional" pimple and expressing your inner pus.

    Nurses are subservient, secondary employment scum. Well, I feel better now. But I'd feel a lot better with a husband with a great job too.

    Oh, by-the-way, I program computers now. No more nursing fo' me.

    Nola. It was all your fault that I bailed. I'm sure you're a good person, and that you do as you're told, but it's all your fault.

    When I have my heart attack, please wipe me from front to back as your professional experience dictates.

    And as a "psych" nurse, you'll understand the essence of my sadistic, sarcastic humour, and won't pay it no' mind' at all,' and go on about your day without being harmed by a strangers words.

    I, of course, fell very ashamed and will now kill myself.
    ..............amazed I haven't been edited out of this joint...
  13. by   taronicaweaver
    I, like ctrayford, am contemplating entering the Nursing Profession. I have always wanted to become a nurse, but because of various reasons, that dream was never realized--until now . I am now taking my prerequisites and will hopefully be accepted in the Nursing Program in the Fall . Anyway... After reading all of the negativity that was posted on this board (it took me 2 days to read it all) I must say that I am experiencing a mixture of emotions. On one hand, you guys have made me start to question whether this life decision that I am about to make is the right one. Yet, on the other hand, I know that most people gripe about their jobs--no matter what they do. I have a degree in Computer Networking and Systems Administration also. I did that for about a year and it became boring and mundane. Too much of a routine and quite frankly, you don't make tons of money doing that either. So, here I am, at the crossroads, thinking about what I should do. All I can do is pray about it, ask the Lord to give me guidance (as He always has), and keep on trucking'.