Need advice on what to wear to a RN interview!

  1. Hi all,
    I'm a male nursing student set to graduate on May 07 and am currently planning to start applying for jobs. I have done some research on this website on the topic of interview clothing. I would like to wear a nice suit to an interview but I just don't have that kind of money to spend. I'm afraid that the interviewee will think less of me if I'm not wearing a suit. I sure DON'T want them to get the impression that I'm not taking the interview seriously.
    So far I have bought a nice black dress shirt with a matching black tie and a pair of khaki dress pants. Is what I have OK for an interview??
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  3. by   Nursing4Sure
    Cant anyone give me some advice??
  4. by   caliotter3
    Go to Goodwill or another second hand store. You will be surprised at what you can find, sometimes in new condition. Don't you have some dressy slacks that you can pair with a business jacket? If you have time look for an organization called "Dress for Success". In some cities these people take donated clothing just for people to use for job interviews. Don't be ashamed. We all need some help once in awhile. Also, do you have some friends or relatives whose business jacket you could borrow? Good luck.

    Added thought: If you have to, don't wear a jacket. Hope the weather is ok.
  5. by   whitecap1
    Target has good looking suits...very inexpensive. No one will think less if the suit is not great quality as long as it is appropriate. Black, dark grey, or navy. Fit is more important than whether or not it is designer. Also, you don't HAVE to wear a suit. If it fits well and is well pressed you can wear nice slacks (dress slacks, not dockers) and a button down shirt with a tie (I would suggest a solid white shirt with a traditional crazy designs). You can add a sport coat if you have one. Also....get a good haircut and a clean shave. Oh, and shine your shoes. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON"T BE WRINKLED!!! But don't stress. Most interviewers know that you are broke coming out of nursing school.
  6. by   Nursing4Sure
    thanks for the advice whitecap1. I think I will stick with just the dress shirt and dress pants. I can't imagine hospitals would turn me down just b/c I'm wearing a suit.
  7. by   Lacie
    You do not necessarily have to wear a "suit". I have interviewed male prospects and was quite satisfied with a nice/appropriate button down dress shirt/collar with a tie and dress pants. Dont forget a nice belt without the end hanging out. If cold weather then wear a nice clean winter coat which of course you wouldnt have on for the interview anyway. If you cant afford at the moment to invest in a "suit" then it is very appropriate for just what I described. Good luck.
  8. by   suzanne4
    Business casual is just fine, you do not need to wear a suit. Definitely do not wear jeans.
  9. by   MB37
    My DH found a nice-looking (in my opinion) dark suit at an outlet mall before Christmas for $99. Try the cheap places if you can afford those, at least - he doesn't need them for work either, but you just need to wear one every once in a while...that being said, you might be just fine in what you already have, and then spring for a suit with that paycheck!
  10. by   donsterRN
    Quote from suzanne4
    Business casual is just fine, you do not need to wear a suit. Definitely do not wear jeans.
    Ditto! I'd rethink the black shirt and go with white or light blue. Dark slacks and socks, conservative tie, simple black jacket.

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