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Hi, Wondering if anyone can give me some ingisht/feedback. I'm taking the prerequisites(Micobiology,Organic, ect) to go to either nursing or medical school at a community college and everyone here... Read More

  1. by   msdeeva
    First of all, I really don't have time for your petty attitude and immaturity. You are the one that decided to get on a high horse and show out. May I remind you that you were the one who decided to post your comments about how much you know about getting into medical school and how your fiance had to apply twice to osteopathic school (so you're the expert, right?), and how you know everything because you went to a "big-time premed college." I don't care that you are a new nurse which seems to make you think that you are the authority on everything medically related. That has no bearing on the fact that you gave incomplete and one sided advice to the original poster, and tried to discount advice from others. Why don't you get your story straight too. Read my postings and you'll find out that I decided that I didn't want to become an M.D. I didn't waste my time and apply, because I decided that I DIDN'T want to become a doctor. I have other aspirations, and it ain't just being a new RN. In fact, I wouldn't be suprised if someday you were working for me. Bottom line, if you hadn't tried to attack other forum users, you would not have received a negative response. And to turn around and act like you didn't do anything wrong makes you look s[font='Times New Roman']chizo.

    [font='Times New Roman']By the way, I'm not wasting anymore of my precious study time on you, because you are pathetic.

    [font='Times New Roman']Peace

    Quote from EmeraldNYL
    Deeva, you can get off your high horse, because I was just trying to give the OP a little advice about the difference between medicine and nursing and the requirements for each (being someone who has been pre-med and has actually completed nursing school-- you can't claim the latter). You don't need to brag to me, cause quite honestly, I really don't care-- I don't know why you feel as though you have something to prove. And if med school is so easy to get into, why didn't you go, huh? Maybe you couldn't even get into a lowly osteopathic school. You really get bent out of shape for someone who's not a physician, a med student, or even a nurse. You've just earned yourself a place on my block list.....
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    Let's not make it personal and keep to the subject matter.

  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Breath deep everyone. Remember that you need to keep this type of personal stuff to PM's.
    No personal attacks! OK?
  4. by   studentrn621
    I don't want to cause any trouble, but I agree with MSDEEVA. Majoring in a science and going to a top university is not a prerequisite to getting into med school. I went to a very small private institution and I knew someone who was accepted at both Harvard and Hopkins. This discussion should not have traveled down this road. Some of the information that was put out initially was incorrect. The op had a question and it should have been answered correctly. No offense, Emerald.
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    Awesome thread until the fighting.

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    Let's carry on with the conversation of the topic.