Job Interviews..What else can I do???

  1. get a job???? Oh, I never should have quit mine! I had no idea that getting even an entry level job would be SO competetive!!

    I make the resume, draft the cover letters, buy the suit, I suffer the interview anxiety (now on top of the nursing school anxiety), I smile, I interview with 2+ people each place, same stupid questions, I write the thank you letters.. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!

    Then I get REJECTED!! Does wonders for the self esteem lemme tell ya!
    I know, I am way too hard on myself, but still...

    Ok, so I went to this interview with this hospital that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a job with. I have been applying there for eons. Anyway, a patient financial rep position came up that is per diem (only drawback, but OK I guess during school, especially if they have tuition reimbursement! ) I went and interviewed, all seemed to go super. I spent 2 hours writing 2 thank you letters. Within 48 hours I got a call back to say that the manager I interviewed with had selected someone else but wanted to refer me to the same job in another dept (ER). He put in a good work to that manager.

    BUT.......the HR lady called me just to say my app and "good word" was now out there with this other manager and that the position closes (they stop taking apps) Monday, so I should hear by Thursday........but only to come in for ANOTHER INTERVIEW!! Uggghh. I mean, I'll do it, but how sucky. It is like I have to start all over. Plus, they are keeping the position open to get more applicants so it is not like they just shut it down for me! She said I interviewed well and they want to refer me to this job.......but all I did was get put in that applicant pool. I STILL have NO JOB.

    I just want this so bad! It pays more than I thought and in the ER I would get to work around all different medical personel. Great experience!

    Big Question........when I interview again it will be with a different manager but the same HR lady I guess. Is it OK to wear the same suit?? I shelled out big $$ for this thing at Petite Sophisticate and have nothing else. Do I have to go shopping now........again??? I have no money!! Please tell me I don't! Or will it look bad if I wear the exact same outfit??

    Any other tips on how to secure this job? I asked her when I should contact her again if I did not hear from anyone and she said by next Thursday, but I don't know what else I can do at this point. I am so afraid I will blow it with the other manager. She said I interviewed good and that I was totally qualified for the job, so why am I NOT GETTING THE JOB? Do you think it is just because it is a different manager??

    Sorry for the rant. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Town & Country
    I think your chances are very good ~ they want you to interview again because you will be interviewing the the ER Unit Manager.
    Gosh, I would be glad I didn't get the patient financial rep position!
    ER is what you want, right?
    Just make sure you communicate that to the Unit Mgr.
    There's nothing wrong with wearing the same suit. I would.

    Just be confident and let her know that you really want to work in ER. If you have plans to get ACLS or PALS, let her know that. Communicate to her that you really want the position - that's the best way to get offered the job IMO.
  4. by   JoBug
    Hi Janice,
    I too think you have a great possibility in getting the job, and remember, getting your "foot in the door" with a position will help you down the line transfering if you chose to. For the suit, I don't see why not you couldnt wear the same one, if you feel very uncomfortable about it, try going to the local thrift sores, yo would be AMAZED at the alomost NEW clothes you can get for a GREAT price.
    Good Luck
  5. by   renerian
    I think wearing the same suit is fine and agree it is good your getting called back for more interviews as many people never even get a call or letter. Hospitals are really into doing many interviews sometimes.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes,

  6. by   TexasPediRN
    I feel for you about not being able to find a job, but it sounds like this one should turn out just fine

    I too quit my job and moved (fiance's job transfer) and havent been able to find a job. I've had my RN since june and have done all of the follow up's and whatnot so I completely feel for you and understand where you are coming from . I figured anyone would want to get their hands on a nurse- boy was I wrong!!

    Good luck! There is no problem with wearing the same suit- if you are worried about it 'spice it up' a little, maybe a different shirt under it, or different necklace?