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I basically gave up 2 years of my sons lives when they were 8 and 10 to complete my RN. I never saw them awake till the weekend. I had school from 0630 till 12:45 and worked as a secretary on a... Read More

  1. by   sunshine9
    I'm going through nursing school in the fall and I am reading all the different comments. It really hasn't changed my thought of going at all because I have heard all of the different ups and downs of the career. But has anyone gone on to work in nursing in a different aspect besides just working in a hospital. It sounds like a lot of the burnout that people are having is from working in hospitals and so forth. One of the main things that I thought was going to be beneficial in nursing was that there was different avenues that you could travel in your career. Do you find it hard to find those different avenues? Has anyone gone on to something in else in the nursing field where they able to utilize their license and felt appreciated and important and enjoy what they do now? I know that there may be more schooling involved and so on but I was just wondering. If your in a rut do you stay in it or take a what you have and work with it.
  2. by   Nurse Izzy
    "And I would like to know where in this country an RN makes $25.00 to $30.00 an hour. "

    Alabama, Georgia. As a new new grad (within the past three years), I started out making $17.25/hr base plue $4.00 shift diff equalling $21.25/hr - fresh out of school. That was in a critical care area, but there was not extra pay for critical care - the pay was the same for all new grads regardless of the area worked.

    A friend works in the OR, makes over $32/hr with about 10 yrs exp.

    Another friend is a new grad this year and will be starting out at $28/hr in CCU.

    These are all Non-travel positions. I was offered a travel position at a rate of $32/hr, $1200/month housing allowance plus $500 travel reimbursement.

    The money is there.

    Why do I do it? Because I learn every day. I learn about myself and life in general from my patients and that makes it worth it.
  3. by   Melody1968
    Quote from tremmi
    I basically gave up 2 years of my sons lives when they were 8 and 10 to complete my RN. I never saw them awake till the weekend. I had school from 0630 till 12:45 and worked as a secretary on a psych unit from 1400 till 2230. I thought I was doing it to provide them with a secure future. All it gave them was a mother who was stressed out, had back surgery twice, and missed their school concerts and PTA meetings because she was always at work. Luckily they are now grown and have turned out well. But I missed too much, and I can't get it back. I don't feel we are compensated for our sacrifices, nor are we supported or respected by "mahogany hall" administrators. And I would like to know where in this country an RN makes $25.00 to $30.00 an hour. I've been an ICU nurse for 10 years and the best I pull is $18.00. No it's not just about the money, it's about not having the time to give the nursing care you want to give. If I have a patient going for CABG, and they are nervous and scared, I don't have time to sit and explain and encourage, but I'm supposed to take the time to write on the education sheet the teaching I've done. That's hypocritical, but it's the facts. No I wouldn't recommend this back wrenching, exhausting , thankless, tiring, heart wrenching, disrespected job to anyone.
    I couldn't have said it better myself. The RN is always the one who is responsible too. If the doctor writes an order that is not right, you better know how to figure it out. The nurses aids think the RNs are lazy. The nurses are caught between a rock and a hard place. Don't even get me started on calling the doctors....thats another whole can of worms! I have two herniated discs in my neck and $30 hour wouldn't help it right now. I am in pain constantly. So do not go into nursing!!!!
  4. by   Candidnt
    As I think about it, it is difficult to recommend nursing to people unless they really want to do it...think about it, there aren't enough of us, hospitals downsizing, consolidating, eliminating positions, expecting us to do more with less (supplies, technologies, coworkers, etc)...people living longer, getting sicker...we're supposed to be sending them home sooner, so they can take care of themselves; having worked home health, I see that doesn't work out as well as we plan, so they end up back in the hospital again (and again and again)...we're frequently short staffed; administration/managers/supervisors don't look at acuity or nurse/skill mix or anything like that, they see empty beds and want to fill them, regardless of the consequences to us (and the patients we already have to deal with). Less women choose nursing as a career, since other options are available to them; it's difficult to get men into nursing as well.
    Who wants to play in crap? And for the pay we get? We can either play in it, or we can sit in front of a computer all day for just as much money (if not more). And it's going to get worse; as we baby boomers (and I'm one, right at the tail end of it) get older and retire, and get older and sicker, etc, we're going to put more strain on the system, and the nursing shortage shows no end in sight. Nursing schools are closing (consider Niagara U, Syracuse U, Lycoming College, Albright College, and others), but the problem isn't that there aren't enough nursing schools, there's not enough faculty to teach.
    As for most community colleges, yes they have long waiting lists, but most people usually drop off or give up after so long, and in most of those schools (except for major metro areas, I guess) the class sizes tend to be small. Then you consider attrition, people dropping out, etc. Then those who do get into nursing, either get tired of playing in crap (with no help) or get tired of being treated like crap (with no help). I love nursing, but I will admit to burning out, and I can't say there are times that I haven't thought of doing something else (I'm currently going through that now) or wished I had done something else instead. Nursing has a lot of internal problems that it needs to fix, if things are going to start getting better.
  5. by   jkaee
    I just breezed thru some of these replies, and I have to say I am shocked at what nurses in some areas of the country are making! I certainly would rethink being a nurse if I was getting paid $18-20 an hour. I will soon be starting a weekend program in a rehab hospital, and my rate will be $44.30 an hour for working 3/4 weekends a month 12 hr days. If I worked full or part time, my base would be $28.45 plus up to a $3 shift diff for eves or nocs. A 4/4 weekend night shift nurse would make about $52 an hour, and if a holiday falls on your weekend to work you would make $81 an hour (3/4 weekend days nurse would make $65.45 and hour for a holiday worked). Now, I know that this is good pay, even for my area, but as a new grad I started at $17 an hour....I can't imagine an experienced nurse in any field making that much! That's absolutely ridiculous when you think about all that we have to do!
    Come on over to Southeastern PA, folks! We'll pay you well here!