I definitely not recommend nursing.

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I basically gave up 2 years of my sons lives when they were 8 and 10 to complete my RN. I never saw them awake till the weekend. I had school from 0630 till 12:45 and worked as a secretary on a psych unit from 1400 till 2230. I thought I was doing it to provide them with a secure future. All it gave them was a mother who was stressed out, had back surgery twice, and missed their school concerts and PTA meetings because she was always at work. Luckily they are now grown and have turned out well. But I missed too much, and I can't get it back. I don't feel we are compensated for our sacrifices, nor are we supported or respected by "mahogany hall" administrators. And I would like to know where in this country an RN makes $25.00 to $30.00 an hour. I've been an ICU nurse for 10 years and the best I pull is $18.00. No it's not just about the money, it's about not having the time to give the nursing care you want to give. If I have a patient going for CABG, and they are nervous and scared, I don't have time to sit and explain and encourage, but I'm supposed to take the time to write on the education sheet the teaching I've done. That's hypocritical, but it's the facts. No I wouldn't recommend this back wrenching, exhausting , thankless, tiring, heart wrenching, disrespected job to anyone.

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I just breezed thru some of these replies, and I have to say I am shocked at what nurses in some areas of the country are making! I certainly would rethink being a nurse if I was getting paid $18-20 an hour. I will soon be starting a weekend program in a rehab hospital, and my rate will be $44.30 an hour for working 3/4 weekends a month 12 hr days. If I worked full or part time, my base would be $28.45 plus up to a $3 shift diff for eves or nocs. A 4/4 weekend night shift nurse would make about $52 an hour, and if a holiday falls on your weekend to work you would make $81 an hour (3/4 weekend days nurse would make $65.45 and hour for a holiday worked). Now, I know that this is good pay, even for my area, but as a new grad I started at $17 an hour....I can't imagine an experienced nurse in any field making that much! That's absolutely ridiculous when you think about all that we have to do!

Come on over to Southeastern PA, folks! We'll pay you well here!

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