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I basically gave up 2 years of my sons lives when they were 8 and 10 to complete my RN. I never saw them awake till the weekend. I had school from 0630 till 12:45 and worked as a secretary on a... Read More

  1. by   nurseyoda
    Tremmi the answer is Twin Cities, MN First year of RN pay 2001= I made over $50000 full time. I'm not agency
    Its what you make it.
    Good Luck
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    LadyNASDAQ. I love your callsign. Maybe this year will be a good one..........................ahh...the late 90's....
    Good Luck
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    All of you who are sick of what you're doing and having to work with tons of pts....come to where I work! I work at a children's hospital and the starting pay is $16/hr. It doesn't seem like a lot but when you figure my pt load each day--its great. The most pts I will have in any given day is 5 WITH a care assistant....most days, like today, I have 3. Now don't get me wrong....we work our tushes off trying to please every single family member of every pt we have. We wear many hats like social work, dietary, pharmacist, etc. We also have many kiddos who don't have any family staying with them in their hospital stay so we end up "entertaining" them while doing our jobs.

    So would I recommend nursing to other--absolutely! And I do just that. I go to several high schools and talk to their jrs and srs about going into the nursing profession. If you don't encourage others to become a nurse--just what are we going to do? Nursing is much like the teaching profession (both my parents are teachers)...there is a huge shortage and its only going to get worse. Nurses are getting older and retiring and others are getting out because things are too stressful. I don't blame you--its not worth ruining you life for a job. But if people keep leaving and no one is coming in to take their place--is it going to improve?? And what are you going to do when your family member needs nursing care? Do it yourself at home?

    So even though you don't like nursing now....and maybe won't ever again.....there is a reason you chose this profession. Help out those others who chose the profession by recommending nursing to others.
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    Originally posted by nurseyoda
    Tremmi the answer is Twin Cities, MN First year of RN pay 2001= I made over $50000 full time. I'm not agency
    Its what you make it.
    Good Luck
    As a person who is pursuing nursing after endless meaningless jobs.....I am excited about nursing! Reading this thread made me a little nervous...but...then I read this quote. I have many friends who are nurses and have been for years. They all love their work! I live with a nurse and my future mother-in-law is a nurse. They love it too! I'm thankful that my friends have found good jobs in Minnesota. Not to say my friends don't struggle.....administration woes, long hours, nursing shortages, but, 100% of them have been so excited for me to get into nursing. It's too bad that working conditions can't be universal....
  5. by   Laureninaz
    have any of you ever waited tables??? try making 15,000 a year and being a full time student. i look forward to nursing and a steady paycheck and health benefits. you choose your destiny so if you are unhappy...make the changes that you need to make yourself happier. i can't wait to finally do something that when i come home at night, i know that i may have helped to brighten someone elses day. quit complaining and be content that you HAVE a job and the smarts to do it.... nursing is challenging and difficult. it takes a special kind of person to do it so be thrilled that you are strong and skilled.
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  6. by   shay
    Part of me agrees with the if-you-don't-like-it-get-out mentality, and part of me agrees with the make-it-better-for-yourself mentality.

    My work habits have followed a little of both. When I didn't like a place, I tried to change things, when they couldn't or wouldn't be changed, I left. Not into playing martyr. I asked for more money and I got it. I won't work at a place that won't pay through the nose if the working conditions aren't good. I won't demand a place with good working conditions pay through the nose, but I won't work for peanuts, either.

    HOWEVER...nursing is extremely difficult, and I honest to God can't see myself doing this 10 years from now, let alone 20. I most certainly WILL NOT do it full or even part time when I have children....strictly PRN. I refuse to work a profession full time that will take me away from my children growing up, Christmas, birthdays, kiss goodnight, bathtime, etc.. Not for all the money in the world.
  7. by   clintn91180
    The pay may be better here in TX. New grads usually start out at about 20 an hour and go up from there. A friend of mine has only a year in experience and just got a job making $22 an hour with benefits and a $5,000 dollar sign on bonus
  8. by   micro
    all i can say is you must find some joy and satisfaction in what you do..........cause nursing you are not in it for the $$$$$$$$$

  9. by   micro
    but wait till the reality of the sign on bonuses hits you in real life.............

    oh, well............

    can't fight city hall
  10. by   betts
    Nebby Nurse states that...
    [I feel like puking everytime I see an administrator or DON..]

    Have you any idea what the DON does for her/his nursing staff? The sacrifices, endless meetings, and the shifts(usually night) that they're covering and w/o pay for their nurses? We are paid a set salary whether we work 25 hours or 90 hours; no over-time, shift differential, or bonuses for working them; including holidays. I've refused on several ocassions an increase in pay of, 5%, 7% or 9%, and requested it be given too my nursing staff.
    I've been asked too resign twice because I 'Fought' for my nursing staff. I've always said too my staff that I'd never ask them to do anything that I wouldn't do. I maintain an open-door policy and yes, listen and learn each and everyday from my staff whether they're a CNA, LPN, RN, Charge Nurse, Head Nurse, Nurse Manager, or Nursing Supervisor. We have 'BULL' sessions twice monthly, together, solving any problems between each other or other 'Outside' influences.
    I'm sorry that you feel so strongly about not recommending or staying in nursing, and if I was not too reply to your statement about DON(s).....
    Maybe where you're employed or possibly your area of nursing is wrong for you, don't give up because of a single experience at your facility; you wouldn't be in nursing if you didn't care. I wish only the best for any and all of us that give, give, and give, but you can be sure that those you've cared for, admire and respect you.
    If you're not getting anywhere with the idea's or thoughts related in all the replies too your post, then do as I've done many a time. I'm unable to remember the name of the movie, but it's where people stick their heads out the window and shout; "I'm Not Going Too Take It Anymore!"

    Nurses often have to deal with patients whose comments can cause unnecessary stress. Handling them with humor lightens up the whole atmosphere. "I'm in love with you, " the hospital patient told his nurse. "I don't want to get well." "You won't," said the RN. "The doctor saw you kissing me, and he's in love with me too."

    I Love my Job & my Nursing Staff.
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  11. by   micro
    betts.....thanks for speaking from the other side.......know it is.....but don't understand why such a perception of us and them all the time.......

    hey Knight35.....good to see you.........
    Martha Knight here
  12. by   Pam Johnson
    Wisonsin Nursing., I've been a nurse for 22 years, in various units. My last job I earned $41/hr plus benefits in a weekend program in an ICU unit. I work agencies & make anywhere from $35 to $52/hr. plus benefits. The jobs are out there if you look, especially agency nursing.
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  13. by   Bonnie RN
    Just thought I would reply. I work prn in a nursing home making 22/hr (and they don't pay the prn people more than the regular full-time or part-time people). I also work for a nursing agency and make 38/hr med-surg. Luckily, I don't need to work a set number of hours right now so I can choose my hours pretty much.