High paying second job?

  1. I'm a new nursing grad (hooray!) and I know a lot of new nurses work more than their full-time RN job. If I'm working 36-40 hour weeks with a home care agency, I'm hoping to pick up some extra hours so I can make extra cash and chip away at my student loans. My question is: what are some good places to work a second job? Since I won't be in a hospital, picking up extra shifts isn't really an option. I don't want to burn out too fast, so really high intensity jobs are not what I'm looking for, but I do want it to be somewhat nursing-related so I can get paid more. So far I've looked into childcare centers (in my state RNs can be lead infant teachers), tutoring, and the Red Cross. Any other ideas?
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  3. by   Inori
    hmm i was just thinking about that too as my salary post taxes, rent, food etc there's not much left. I feel as if i'm now one of the working poor. Anyways look into per diem work at another company, private duty, teaching, consultant, tutoring. At the moment i'm focused on still learning my job correctly so between school/work I don't really have that much extra time ...which i'd rather sleep, watch movies, hang out with friends haha. lazy on this end.
  4. by   HouTx
    LOL - I know an RN whose "second employment" is truck driving. She makes more doing that than her nursing gig - just sayin'
  5. by   llg
    While working extra is possible, I strongly recommend that you wait until you are firmly established as competent in your "day job" before taking on extra work. I have known new grads to spread themselves too thin trying to earn extra money -- so thin that it effects the quality of their work at their primary job. They hurt their careers by not being successful in that first job and end up with less career success, less money, and less happiness as a result of their impatience to earn lots of cash quickly.

    Don't rush it. Be patient and nail that first job before branching out.