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I received my DNP a couple years ago and I do hold an ARNP license and FNP certification. While in grad school I found a remote, teaching position that utilizes my knowledge and I truly love it; so, once I graduated I decided I didn't want to do a full-time NP position (and honestly kind of fell out of love with being an NP). I haven't worked as an NP at all (finding someone to hire and safely train a new grad NP for a PRN position is nearly impossible). I'm itching to get back to the bedside just to keep my skills up and my mind fresh and I'd like to do so as an RN. I just had a call with HR of a healthcare system that says they can't hire me as a PRN RN because of role confusion and being an RN is below my scope of practice. 

What are the implications of working as an RN with NP credentials, and is this something a lot of healthcare systems implement???

I know a bit about role confusion but if I let my ARNP licensure expire are you held to your highest degree or highest licensure!?

Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated! 

I'm kind of in the same boat as you, Kelsey: I was considering changing my APRN to inactive status in my home state and just keeping an active license in the state where I do a number of telehealth hours each week (which I'd like to cut down even further). Then I'd only be licensed as an RN where I live, which I'm hoping would enable me to go for RN jobs here.


That said, I haven't actually consulted anyone with expertise on this kind of thing, so I'm not actually sure if this is the way to go. (Also, I don't know whether it's required to list APRN licensure and/or graduate degree on a resume if it's not applicable to an RN job that's focused on direct patient care.)

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I was in a similar situation as well.  I went back to school to just better myself and because I enjoy learning.  I loved my job and my position there so I had not planned on making any changes in my actually career.  The day I passed my exam I was so excited and was telling everyone at work that had been supportive.  That afternoon I was called into the manager's office and told I had 2 weeks to find another position because of the liability of role confusion.  I even sought out legal advice and there was nothing I could do.  I lost a job I loved.  In the end I have found another job that I love in my new role but it was like getting divorced from someone you still loved.  It was hard but in the end it was for the best.  

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