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I am to start NP school in the fall and have been trying to decide which school is the right fit for me.

I know UOFT is the most prestigious (and according to many has access to the best placements) but I do not like how it is all asynchronous lectures and the tuition fee is a bit pricy

I have heard York University is more hands on and has more in person lectures.

I was hoping for some more information on the programs specifically York and UOFT from past or current students if possible! I have also applied to McMaster and TMU but I am leaning towards York and UOFT as my final choices. Any insight on the programs would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi, everyone.  South Carolina. I am planning on starting my first class on April 8 at Walden University. But now I have been thinking about the Univeristy of South Carolina. I am really concerned about finding clinical locations with Walden Univeristy. I'm woudering would University of South Carolina would be more helpful with clinical locations. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I would greatly appreciate it.

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