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Please help. I am set to begin my clinical's for the BSN program I am in next fall. I am currently taking AP I and microbiology now. I have so many doubts about nursing right now, and I need help.... Read More

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    Not all of us "knew" nursing was our call..I didn't..I worked as an aide and needed a like job that paid good money...I had many confusing moments. We all did. You will....Smells are gross...So move on and hang in there.....I still hate dealing with icky stuff sometimes, but that isn't the heart of nursing.....You will be fine....Hang in there. And don't feel badly if you likewise discover you don't want to be a nurse...Thats how you learn, right? {{{}}}}
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    Originally posted by ainz
    I haven't dissected any pigs in my 24 years!!

    One of the top students in my class had a bad phobia of sticking needles into people. She froze when havng to do injections and venipuncture. Almost failed but made it. We used to have to take her in the lounge, lay her down and elevate her legs because she turned snow white and would almost pass out at the thought. We would rally around her and get her all pumped up, she would go do it and then run to the bathroom to throw up afterward, but she made it.

    I ran into her about 3 years after graduation, she was one of the top PACU nurses in the teaching hospital in which she worked. She overcame her fear and loathing and actually worked extra shifts on the IV and code teams.

    Hang in there!! The time will pass.
    These are the stories I love to hear...hearing about phobias of sticking needles and winding up becoming a specialist in just that.

    Thank you,
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    Nursing is not all about dealing with the "yuckies". besides, everyone is different. And the incident passes. You may feel queasy until the task is finished, but then you move on to different things. Maybe the dissection thing is the only thing that would make you queasy. I have a very strong stomach, but the thing that almost put me over the edge was carrying a sloshing bowl of emesis(green) across the room slowly so that is would not spill, until I could dump it. Oh my, I thought I would not stop gagging. I worked on human cadavers without a problem, but it was the emesis thing I remember most. I am now a certified school nurse, and have to deal with kids throwing up on ME! Which has happened! Having kids of my own helped, but I NEVER will forget that incident in the hospital as a student! Don't stop nursing because of this incident. As one of the other posters said, we need you!
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    When I worked at the animal hospital, blood and guts never bothered me as long as the patient was alive.

    I tolerated cutting, examining, moving, whatever, the dead patients, but is was so much yukier.

    Maybe you just don't like cutting up dead things.

    I think you can get through the yukkies. Hang in there.
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    nursing is HARDLY like dissecting poor chemical-filled long-dead fetal pigs....ugh...

    why NOT shadow an RN or two and see for yourself what the real world of nursing IS????? Really, if you were in my area, I would be happy to show you and help you decide. THIS is the WAY to see how it really is!!!! Don't get down on yourself. I would worry more if you told me you don't like people or all you thought nursing was was "puke, pee, poop and snot" like in another thread. There IS a place for you if you sincerely care and have integrity and guts. Shadow a nurse and see how it REALLY it, outside the Ivory Tower of University learning. Best wishes, now.:kiss
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    I was the green one in clinical while dissecting a cat...heck, we had this cat thru 2 full semesters. Anyhow, on one particular day the "greeness" got the best of me and I vomited. Made it thru class ~ got an "A" even! It is possible

    You can do it!! You CAN do it!!


  8. by   Kareny
    Dear Prairiegirl:

    I understand how you feel and would like to offer you some encouragement. Without going into alot of details, I basically felt the same way you do now. Although I enjoyed AP & micro, I truly did not enjoy interacting with bodily fluids once I was actually in the nursing program. I had no idea what types of activities nurses performed, and found some of them to be completely disgusting. I hoped I would eventually find my "niche" on one of the rotations. I kept telling myself that it would get better once I graduated because "@ least then I would get paid". I was determined to finish what I started. I was not thinking "outside the box". Well, the pay (not even close to representing the value of a nurse) did not change the way I felt, and the conditions of the nursing industry saddened me. I worked with some wonderfully talented nurses that were worn out, frustrated & basically unhappy. I kept searching for "the great positon" and would always find myself unsatisfied. I was a great employee in my various positions, & had no problem creating lasting friendships, but I was not fulfilled. One night I decided I was not going to keep doing something I did not enjoy & regret having spent my life that way! I began to pray earnestly for passion---what was I passionate about? What did I love? What is my dream? I encourage you to ask yourself these questions prairiegirl----What do you love? What is your dream? Step "outside the box" and take a risk-----get really quiet, close your eyes, take a deep breath & ask yourself these questions----then wait for an answer----see I truly believe that I could have quit nursing school & found my passion sooner had I only listened. Does that mean that I don't value what I gained from my nursing education (BSN) ? ---heck no! I use it all the time. Iam making a huge difference with people in PREVENTING illness & disease. I found that I don't enjoy the sickness industry, but love the wellness industry---and I don't need to be a nurse to do it, but Iam able to draw on my experience all the time! I would love to talk more with you if you'd like! You have the whole world in front of you & a Big Dream to pursue----GO FOR IT!!
    Love, Kareny